Sony MDR1R

The MDR1R from Sony

Since its original release, Sony has updated this headphone with the $299 MDR-1A.  Despite the difference in price tags, the 1R is still a monstrous deal in terms of price to performance. Sony is still selling ...
Alpha Dog

Our Top Gear For 2014

And so yet another year is drawing to a close. As I sit back and unwind with a cup of egg nog, screaming kids unwrapping presents and an unfinished Pina ham in the far corner of the room that just about everyon...

The Enigma by Enigmatic Audio

There’s something endearing about products created in a very small scale, handmade out of love. You realize you’re holding the heart and soul of its creator. They make what they make not necessarily to make mon...
Thinksound On1 Headphones

Thinksound On1 Headphones Review

The Thinksound On1 Headphones are a brand new portable on-ear closed-back woody design priced for the mid-fi tier market at $299. Disclaimer: The Thinksound On1 Headphones were sent to us is a sample in exchan...

NAD VISO HP50 Review

The NAD VISO HP50 is a game changer in my view, there isn't really anything quite like it in the closed back mid-fi world. I have quite a lot to say about this one so sit back, relax and enjoy. I don't want to ...
DSC 0430

Egghead – It’s all about the Cans

The concept of a dedicated headphone store is actually pretty rare these days in any country outside of a dedicated manufacturer store such as those you find in Japan. Most stores are a mix of lifestyle product...
Top 10 Headphones AKG

Top 10 Headphones for 2012 Awards

It is that festive cheer time where the snow glistens, the wallets are fattened and the salary bonus is ready to be carved up into little pieces. So what better time to take a look back and see what we think sh...

Philips Citiscape Uptown Headphones

I loved the Downtown from Philips previously; good looks, nice inoffensive sound and great price so colored me interested when the I got hold of the bigger brother - the Uptown. Honestly I think Philips are goi...