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Egghead – It’s all about the Cans

The concept of a dedicated headphone store is actually pretty rare these days in any country outside of a dedicated manufacturer store such as those you find in Japan. Most stores are a mix of lifestyle product...

Sennheiser Momentum – A new direction?

Fast on the heels of the Amperior comes Sennheiser's Momentum headphones and they are proof positive things are changing within the Sennheiser R&D in terms of how they view the market and the growing demand...

Sennheiser Amperior – The upgraded HD25?

There are a heck of a lot of headphones in the Sennheiser range, almost Nokia type proportions but there are some classics that stand the test of time and one of them was and still is the HD25-1 II. Revered for...
AiAiAi TMA-1 STudio

Aiaiai TMA-1 Studio Edition Headphones Review

OK, so I got these a while back direct from Aiaiai I have been playing them solidly for a while now alongside the original TMA-1 and just for kicks the Fools Gold edition of the TMA-1. When the original TMA-1 ...

Philips Citiscape Uptown Headphones

I loved the Downtown from Philips previously; good looks, nice inoffensive sound and great price so colored me interested when the I got hold of the bigger brother - the Uptown. Honestly I think Philips are goi...

House of Marley – Exodus Headphones

The House of Marley has been on my radar for quite some time. Cool styling, ethical approach business wise, and a competitive price point piqued my interest late last year. The UK market has also started pushin...

Aiaiai launch the Capital Headphone!

One of my favorite brands in the DJ headphone industry - Aiaiai have been busy with new product development and have just announced the launch this year of a new headphone, the Capital. The Capital looks to tie...
Hifiman HE5

Hifiman HE5 Review

The Hifiman HE5 is the company's debut full-sized or circumaural open-back planar headphones. It was originally priced at around $600. Disclaimer: The Hifiman HE5 is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion...