Polk S50

Polk S50 Speakers Review

The Polk S50 speakers are the smallest floor-standing speaker in Polk Audio’s Signature range with a starting local price of $585. Disclaimer: The Polk S50 speakers sent to us are a sample in exchange for our ...
Cabasse Murano

Cabasse Murano Speakers Review

The Cabasse Murano is the smallest full range speaker of the company's Artis high-end series. This bookshelf speaker is priced at $3400. The Cabasse Murano speakers on review are on loan from MusicHaven. We re...
Goldenear Aon 3

Goldenear AON 3 Review

The Goldenear Aon 3 are a compact, ultra-high-performance speakers that were developed for use as nearfield monitors in professional mixing applications. They are priced at $999.98. Disclaimer The Goldenear AO...

The Xtreme BT Speaker by JBL

JBL really surprised me when they asked me to take a listen to their new Xtreme BT speaker.  It is funny…reviewing this speaker really swindled me right back to a decade ago, back when I was a speakerphile and ...
Sony SRS X11

Sony SRS X11 Mini BT Speaker review

Disclaimer: The Sony SRS X11 Mini BT Speaker was sent to us by Sony USA as a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We would like to thank Sony USA for giving us this opportunity. If you would like to re...
NuForce Cube

Nuforce Cube Review

The NuForce Cube is an all in one speaker, headphone amp and small portable amplifier designed for the consumer enthusiast. It is priced at $99. Disclaimer: The NuForce Cube is a paid-for item and not a revi...