SoundMAGIC P22BT Review

The SoundMAGIC P22BT are entry-level on-ear Bluetooth headphones priced at a competitive £39.99. Disclaimer: The SoundMAGIC P22BT was sent to me for the purposes of this review, it is a sample and does not hav...
Westone Wx

Westone Wx Review

The Westone MX is a brand new Bluetooth IEM sporting a single balanced armature and a detachable MMCX cable/BT module. It is priced at £139.00. Disclaimer: The Westone Wx sent to us for the purposes of this re...

Questyle QP2R Review

Questyle QP2R is the next generation of their current mode implemented digital media players and builds on the success of the QP1R. It retails for $1299 Disclaimer: The Questyle QP2R was sent to us is a loan s...

Acoustic Research AR-M2 Review

The Acoustic Research AR-M2 is a new Hi-Res Android-based digital media player with a UK price of £899 or $999 in the US. Disclaimer: The Acoustic Research AR-M2 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our hone...
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The LCD-4 By Audeze

Ever since the conception of the LCD-1 in 2009, Audeze has been a chief player in the audiophile headphone market today. Audeze specializes on planar magnetic headphones much like Hifiman and MrSpeakers. Plana...
3 TAMmX89

The Utopia By Focal

The Utopia is Focal’s third headphone and flagship model priced at $4,000. With its hefty price tag, is it able to perform against other top-of-the-line headphones? Build The box sports a similar design to ...
Double Helix

The Symbiote SP V3 By DHC

This Double Helix entry is part two of a four-part series of high-end cables. For the general introduction about cable performance and matching, please see the first review of the series (Rhapsodio Golden). In ...

The Golden IEM Cable By Rhapsodio

Cables. The single most controversial subject in an already questionable hobby. Reading about the topic might already put on a frown by many readers. And what’s worse, it’s high-end cables. High end, as in, eve...
Headfonics Msr Cover
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The ATH MSR7 By Audio Technica

Audio Technica has been in the headphone business for so long and they’re well known to create products that provides a lot of value. This time, they’re trying to do something new and that is incorporating the ...