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SMSL M200 Review

The SMSL M200 is a desktop pure DAC featuring an AKM AK4497EQ chipset, LDAC Bluetooth, and a fully balanced analog output. It is priced at $289.99. Disclaimer: The SMSL M200 sent to us for this review is a sam...
Earmen TR-Amp
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Earmen TR-Amp Review

The Earmen TR-Amp is a portable integrated DAC and amplifier using an ES9038Q2M chipset, with MQA capability, and up to 400mW of output power. It is priced at $249. Disclaimer: The Earmen TR-Amp sent to us is ...
Xduoo TA-10
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Xduoo TA-10 Review

The Xduoo TA-10 is an all-in-one mid-fi level desktop hybrid DAC and Tube headphone amplifier plus pre-amplifier. It is priced approximately at $290. Disclaimer: The Xduoo TA-10 was sent to me in exchange for ...
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Hidizs AP80 Cu Review

The Hidizs AP80 Cu is a special edition of the company's entry-level AP80 digital audio player featuring a copper housing and revised sound performance. It is currently priced at $249. Disclaimer: The Hidizs A...
PW Audio No 10
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PW Audio No 10 Review

The PW Audio No.10 is a brand new 24AWG 4-conductor fiber core 1.2m IEM cable created to celebrate the company's 10th anniversary. It is priced at HKD$1480 Disclaimer: The PW Audio No.10 was sent to us a sam...
HiBy R3 Pro

HiBy R3 Pro – First Contact

The HiBy R3 Pro is the company's second-generation mid-fi touch-capable portable media player installed with HiBy OS. It is priced at $199. Disclaimer: The HiBy R3 Pro was sent to us a sample in exchange for o...
Grado GW100

Grado GW100 Review

The Grado GW100 is the company's first-ever wireless open-back headphone featuring Bluetooth 4.2 and up to aptX decoding capability. It is priced at $249.00. Disclaimer: The Grado GW100 headphones were sent to...