Hybrid Universal

AAW Halcyon
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AAW Halcyon Review

The AAW Halcyon is a tri-level hybrid universal or custom monitor featuring a quad-electrostatic, dual BA, and a single dynamic diver. It is priced at SG$1,999. Disclaimer: The AAW Halcyon sent to us is a sa...
EarSonics STARK
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Earsonics STARK Review

The Earsonics STARK is their flagship 5 driver monitor of their new 'Hybrid' universal IEM series featuring 1 dynamic and 5 BA. It is priced at €1390. Disclaimer: The Earsonics STARK sent to us is a sample in ...
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BGVP EST8 Review

The BGVP EST8 is the latest sub-flagship IEM from BGVP, housing 2 Sonion electrostatic drivers and 6 balanced armatures under its cover. It is priced at $779. Disclaimer: The BGVP EST8 is sent to us is a sampl...