Annual Awards

Top Gear Awards 2020

Our Top Gear Awards For 2020

Our Top Gear 2020 Awards is the 'best of the best' reviewed for the calendar year on Headfonics. This is a tradition that we have been proudly running since 2012-2019 and as with every year, we have had some cr...
Top Gear Awards 2019

Our Top Gear Awards For 2019

Our 2019 Top Gear Awards is the best of the best reviewed for the calendar year on This is a tradition that we have been proudly running since 2012 and oh boy, there has been some fantastic gear...
Our Top Gear For 2018

Our Top Gear For 2018

Our Top Gear of 2018 is our traditional end of year "best of the best" awards feature. Awards are dished out based solely on what we reviewed for 2018 and we did review a lot of interesting gear this year. I f...
Our Bang For Buck Gear Awards 2018

Our Bang For Buck Gear For 2018

Our Bang For Buck Awards is something new for Headfonics. In hindsight, this a set of awards we should have addressed earlier given the wide range of gear we review here every year that is both great value and ...
Top Gear For 2017

Our Top Gear for 2017

It is our annual end of year review and awards season for the gear we rated top for 2017. Exciting! For us here at Headfonics it has been an incredibly successful year with some wonderful reviews. Mike, Klaus ...

Our Top Gear For 2016

In what has now become a traditional close to the Headfonics year we bring you what we consider to be the top gear we reviewed in 2016. Having read last years intro I might sound like a broken record but we hav...

Our Top Gear for 2015

It has been one of our busiest and most successful years here at We launched a new website design, new gear, new writers and probably brought with us the same complaints, delights and feverish l...
Alpha Dog

Our Top Gear For 2014

And so yet another year is drawing to a close. As I sit back and unwind with a cup of egg nog, screaming kids unwrapping presents and an unfinished Pina ham in the far corner of the room that just about everyon...
2013 Top Gear

Our Top Gear from 2013

2013 has been an interesting year for us at Headfonics in terms of product reviews. When I look back on our review catalog we did fewer headphones and more amps and DAC's and in some ways that are reflected in ...
Top 10 Headphones AKG

Top 10 Headphones for 2012 Awards

It is that festive cheer time where the snow glistens, the wallets are fattened and the salary bonus is ready to be carved up into little pieces. So what better time to take a look back and see what we think sh...