Cayin E01
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Cayin E01 Review

The Cayin E01 Motherboard is the third module released for Cayin’s new N6ii DAP featuring a dual operational mode Class A and Class AB amp circuit design and an ES9038PRO DAC. It is priced at $419. Disclaimer:...
Satin Audio Athena

Satin Audio Athena Review

The Satin Audio Athena is the company's new flagship IEM cable from their Olympus Series and comes in both 4 and 8-wire options. The Athena is priced from $415. Disclaimer: The Satin Audio Athena sent to us is...
Chord Poly

Chord Poly Review

The Chord Poly is a wireless-capable ROON ready streaming add-on module for the company's compact portable DAC/Amp, the Mojo. It is priced at £499.00. Disclaimer: The Chord Electronics Poly sent to us is a sam...
FiiO M11

FiiO M11 Review

The FiiO M11 is their latest mid-range digital media player and an indirect replacement for the 2017 X5iii. It is priced at $449.99 Disclaimer: The FiiO M11 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest op...
iBasso SR1

iBasso SR1 Review

The iBasso SR1 is a limited edition full-sized open-back headphone with a silicone suspension driver and Tesla technology. It is priced at $499. Disclaimer: The iBasso SR1 was sent to us a sample in exchange f...
Brainwavz Alara

Brainwavz Alara Review

The Brainwavz Alara is the company's debut planar magnetic open-back headphone and it is their flagship headphone in the range priced at $499. Disclaimer: The Brainwavz Alara sent to us is a sample in exchange...
Shanling M5s

Shanling M5s Review

The Shanling M5s is the new upgraded M5 digital media player and represents their current flagship player in their line-up. It is priced at $429. Disclaimer: The Shanling M5s sent to us is a sample in exchange...