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FiiO UTWS3 Review

The FiiO UTWS3 is a detachable BT amplifier and dongle for your existing earphones in the style of a TWS with BT5.0, aptX, and up to 30 hours of battery life. It is priced at $79.99 Disclaimer: The FiiO UTWS3 ...
Shozy Black Hole
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Shozy Black Hole Review

The Shozy Black Hole is a unique semi-open universal single 10mm dynamic driver IEM  designed in collaboration with KOOK™ Electro-Acoustic Engineering Lab. It is priced at $799. Disclaimer: The Shozy Blac...
qdc Dmagic 3D
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qdc Dmagic 3D Review

The qdc Dmagic 3D is a triple dynamic driver IEM using a 10mm dual dynamic driver and a single 8mm dynamic driver. It is priced at $1315.00. Disclaimer: The qdc Dmagic 3D sent to us is a sample in exchange for...
FiiO Q5s Type-C
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FiiO Q5s Type-C Review

The FiiO Q5s Type-C is a portable DAC and amp featuring a detachable THX AAA AM3D amp card, dual AK4493EQ, and Bluetooth. It is priced at $399.99  Disclaimer: The FiiO Q5s Type-C sent to us is a sample in...
Final EVA2020 x final
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Final EVA2020 TWS Review

The Final EVA2020 is a single dynamic driver TWS collaboration between Khara's Evangelion and Final featuring aptX decoding and up to 65 hours of battery life. It is priced at £149.00. Disclaimer: The Final EV...
Top Gear Awards 2020

Our Top Gear Awards For 2020

Our Top Gear 2020 Awards is the 'best of the best' reviewed for the calendar year on Headfonics. This is a tradition that we have been proudly running since 2012-2019 and as with every year, we have had some cr...
HiBy R6 2020

HiBy R6 2020 Review

The HiBy R6 2020 is an updated version of the original 2017 R6 featuring the styling of the flagship R8, Android 9, and Snapdragon 660 capability. It is priced at $799. Disclaimer: The HiBy R6 2020 was sent to...

ULTRASONE Panther Review

The ULTRASONE Panther is a compact portable headphone amplifier and DAC with native DSD256 decoding and up to 950mW of power. It is priced at $549.99 Disclaimer: This ULTRASONE Panther is a sample sent to us i...
PW Audio Monile

PW Audio Monile Review

The PW Audio Monile is a mixed 26AWG ultra-purity copper and 25.5AWG super-purity silver 4-core aftermarket IEM cable. It is priced at $551.99 Disclaimer: The PW Audio Monile was sent to us a sample in exchang...