Cayin N3Pro
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Cayin N3Pro Review

The Cayin N3Pro DAP is a fresh budget-friendly spin on the original flagship N8's groundbreaking use of tubes inside a digital media player. It is priced at $479.  Disclaimer: The Cayin N3Pro sent to us i...
HEDD Audio HEDDphone
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HEDD Audio HEDDphone Review

The HEDD Audio HEDDphone is a debut full-range Air Motion Transformer open-back circumaural headphone offering a world-class performance. It is priced at $1899. Disclaimer: The HEDD Audio HEDDphone sent to us ...
Andover Audio PM-50
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Andover Audio PM-50 Review

The Andover Audio PM-50 is an open-back compact circumaural planar magnetic headphone with a stylish walnut cup enclosure. It is priced at $499. Disclaimer: The Andover Audio PM-50 sent to us is a sample in ex...
Violectric DHA V590
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Violectric DHA V590 Review

The Violectric DHA V590 is a new flagship integrated preamp, headphone amplifier, and DAC with 32BIT resampler and up to 5 Watt into a 50Ω load. It is priced at $3499.95. Disclaimer: The Violectric DHA V590 se...
Luxury & Precision P6
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Luxury & Precision P6 Review

The Luxury & Precision P6 is a high-end digital media player featuring a fully discreet R2R DAC implementation with Bluetooth connectivity. It is priced at $2999. Disclaimer: The Luxury & Precision P6 ...
NuPrime Alita
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NuPrime Alita Review

The NuPrime Alita is a slimline high-end integrated solid-state headphone amplifier, pre-amp and AK4493EQ implemented DAC. It is priced at €1295. Disclaimer: The NuPrime Alita sent to us is a sample in exchang...
HiBy R8
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HiBy R8 Review

The HiBy R8 is a new flagship DAP featuring Android 9, a dual AK4497 DAC implementation, MQA 16X, and up to 1W of output power. It is priced at $1899. Disclaimer: The HiBy R8 was sent to us a sample in exchang...
dCS Bartok
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dCS Bartok Review

The dCS Bartok is a British high-end integrated streaming capable DAC and headphone amplifier featuring their renowned dCS Ring DAC™ technology. It is priced at $17250 for the DAC and amplifier and $14500 for t...