Meet The Team

Marcus is the Founder & Owner of which started in 2011, and a former contributing music journalist to European regional printed newspapers in the late 1980's and 1990's. Prior to the start of Headfonics Marcus was the admin of the Headphiles national audiophile forum from 2009 to 2012.
Senior Reviewer
A lover of music, audio gear, and a Computer geek. I have an eclectic taste in music and a particular passion for great sound. I've spun vinyl as a DJ in New York City and New Jersey, worked in electronics manufacturing and sold Audio equipment at a major audio retailer. I have been reviewing audio products with Headfonics since 2020. I’ve been around.
A software engineer with a deep passion for music, I embarked on my audiophile journey almost five years ago. Reviewing portable audio gear has become my favorite pastime, and you will often find me engaged in Head-Fi and other hi-fi forums, exchanging insights and expertise.
Asian engineer and a tech lover who listens to Cantopop, jazz, and JPop genres. I have been reviewing audio products with Headfonics since 2018. I love to travel, never in one place for a long time though a bit hard these days due to the pandemic. Be warned, my humor is dry!
I got my start in audio by trying to find the cheapest way to get high-quality sound. These days, I'm just a marketing manager with an engineering background trying to listen to Hip-hop, Jazz, and R&B whenever I get the chance.
A return to portable gear gave me a new appreciation for how far audio has come. That appreciation kindled the writing bug, and I have been happily pecking the keyboard for the last 10 years doing reviews. As a retired Science Teacher, I now get to enjoy my wife, grown kids and our Aussie. I would not be where I am without any of them. Oh, and good coffee.
A music enjoyer with a lot of passion for jazz, bossa nova, and soul that started their audio journey back in the 2010's. I prefer listening to my gear while doing some programming, reading, or relaxing.