Audio Technica ESW11 LTD

Audio Technica for 2012 have come out with a whole new range of can, the "X" series as I call it. Hidden in this roll out is a new limited edition woody portable called the ESW11 LTD and comes out in the Earsui...
NuForce Cube

Nuforce Cube Review

The NuForce Cube is an all in one speaker, headphone amp and small portable amplifier designed for the consumer enthusiast. It is priced at $99. Disclaimer: The NuForce Cube is a paid-for item and not a revi...

Frends – ‘The Light’ Headphones

I recently found out about a brand called Frends, all of their headphones look very different to most headphones on the current market- they are bright and colorful. These particular headphones come in 6 differ...

Smint Amp Review

Introducing a one of a kind amp: The Smint Amp! The Smint Amp is made from Miu Audio"s DIY Kit. Ivan of Miu Audio was kind enough to send me a review sample of their DIY Kit. I packed it off to Sandmoose...