Headphones reviews

Headphones Reviews
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Audio Technica ATH-M50

So I got me this headphone, a standard white box, leather pouch and a set of black cans in the package, but with the famous words ATH-M50 slapped on the side. So ok then, just about everyone has had a shot at t...
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Audeze LCD-2 Launched

Audez’e is proud to introduce the LCD-2s designed for Recording / Mixing Engineers as reference headphones and the audiophiles and music enthusiasts. The LCD-2s are in production and will start shipping to cus...

Aiaiai Swirl 2.0

So Xmas comes only once a year and Aiaiai Of Denmark, they of the Tracks and Tma-1 fame kindly sent me 1 unit of the Swirl IEM for review and discussion and I guess a nice xmas pressie Priced at 2950php lo...
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Bowers & Wilkins P5

When comparing the B&W P5 to the much more expensive Sennheiser HD-800, and to the much less expensive Sennheiser PX-100, I feel that the P5 has the neutrality and smoothness of response that the Sennheiser...

Audio Technica ATH-AD2000

This has been in the market for a while but we finally got our mits on this open air monster and put it through its pace's with a variety of amping and music. Read on to see if this beat is the mid-range beast ...