Philips SHE9850

Philips SHE9850 Review

The Philips SHE9850 review is way overdue. I was supposed to write this during the weekend but due to me being out for a while for some stuff, I wasn't able to make some time to write this one. I can partly bla...

Audio Technica ATH-AD2000

This has been in the market for a while but we finally got our mits on this open air monster and put it through its pace's with a variety of amping and music. Read on to see if this beat is the mid-range beast ...
Hd202 01

Sennheiser HD202 – Bang for buck?

If anyone wants a cheap closed can thats actually decent, the Sennheiser HD202s are great. I just got a pair and the sound reminds me of my old Audio Technica a900 for a tenth of the price. There might even be ...