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The AK10 by Astell & Kern

Astell & Kern, along with Ibasso, FiiO and Hifiman have pretty much dragged the DAP market from out of its darkened sulky cave it has lived in for the last 7 years since the launch of the iPhone. DAP's are cool...
FiiO X5

FiiO X5 Review

The FiiO X5 is the second digital media player launched by the company and a class higher than the original X3 DAP. It is priced at $350 Disclaimer: The FiiO X5 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our hones...
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The N4 by Miniwatt

It's Chinese New Year soon and Hong Kong audio specialists have reduced the price on their N4 USB powered DAC/Amp to a very tempting $199 as a special promo so we though we would take a look and see how it perf...
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The AK120 by Astell & Kern

I feel like there is an epidemic looming over the heads of most Hi-Fi audio music player designers. Most just can't seem to get it right and so few end up with a solid performer, yet something actually portabl...
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The E18 Kunlun by FiiO

Android is getting popular no two ways about it. In fact there are more Android phones being sold in the market than there are iPhones by an arm's length in some countries yet the audio accessory market remains...
iBasso DX50

iBasso DX50 review

The iBasso DX50 is the company’s second mid-range compact digital media player featuring a proprietary OS and a WM8740 24Bit DAC implementation. It is priced at $239. Disclaimer: The iBasso DX50 was sent to us...
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The Theorem 720 by Cypher Labs

It has been coming for a while now. The convergence not only of a top quality bypass DAC but the merging of the DAC and Amp into a single portable solution by Cypher Labs has now taken form in the new Theorem 7...
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The Tubemagic D2 DAC by Maverick Audio

I actually owned the Maverick Audio D1 DAC/AMP for about 2 years I think. Its a starter setup but a nice little workhorse and some good sounds for a budget price of around $250 and in a pretty small desktop fri...
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The D42 Mamba by Ibasso

It is indeed ironic that I just finished reviewing the FiiO X3 DAP wherein I questioned if there is enough pulling power for android fanboys to get off their beloved OS and onto something more unique only to fi...
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The X3 DAP by FiiO

Darn... FiiO just went and did it and finally gave us the DAP they have been talking about since late 2011 - the FiiO X3. Feted for their quality to price ratio and bang for buck kings (sorry I have almost run ...
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AT-HA40USB by Audio Technica

The AT-HA40USB is a 'newish' tiny USB powered DAC/AMP from Audio Technica in the same vein (and more or less the same size) as the Nuforce Icon uDAC which has been hanging around for years in one iteration or a...
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The X3-DAC by Rein Audio

Rein Audio of Austria is a name that came onto our radar quite recently with the X-Phone desktop amplifier which we felt was a bit of a work in progress but had some good plus points and a nice price tag which ...
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The uDAC-2496 by Just Audio UK

The last time I reviewed the Just Audio line was the AHA-120 and uHA-120 and found the uHA-120 with the K550 to be a very sweet match as well as feeling a lot of hardcore audiophile respect for the brand. It wa...
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Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -dB

The igadget up until recently was seen as a useful tool but by no means a love affair between the picky audio consumer and the Jobsian vision of what a DAP should accomplish. The original CLAS SOLO was basicall...

FiiO E07K – The Andes

Earlier in the year FiiO upgraded the E9 with the E09k and it mostly took into account newer trends in portable or fixed small desktop audio as well as feedback from FiiO fans and owners so when they announced ...