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The MA750i IEM by RHA

I reviewed the MA-350 by RHA in July of 2012 and I thought it was a cut above the average in the general first time upgrade from ibuds category. Well a year later and RHA are back with a new range of higher end...
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The SS01-B IEM by MOE

The SS01-B came to me by way of some local connections working in China right now who were extremely excited that one of their own local companies was churning out a $60 IEM that they felt could challenge some ...

Kingrex U-Craft (Y) USB Cable Review

The Kingrex U-Craft (Y) USB Cable is a high-end dual-headed audiophile USB cable with a single line for data and a secondary line for power. It is priced at $649. Disclaimer: The Kingrex U-Craft (Y) USB Headph...
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The Island by ALO Audio

ALO Audio recently released their new balanced USB powered DAC/AMP called the Island priced at $299 and frankly folks this is about as small as it can get. Ok so I saw the eye catching pictures like everyone el...
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The Theorem 720 by Cypher Labs

It has been coming for a while now. The convergence not only of a top quality bypass DAC but the merging of the DAC and Amp into a single portable solution by Cypher Labs has now taken form in the new Theorem 7...
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The Momentum On Ear From Sennheiser

Last year I rated the Sennheiser Momentum in my top 10 headphones for 2012. Plush design, excellent build quality, exciting new direction by Sennheiser and a decent sound that if not world beating in audiophile...
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The NS700 Phaser by Nocs

Goodness Scandinavia is becoming a hotbed for all things headphones of late and no sooner have Urbanears come to their senses and served up the superior Zinken and having Aiaiai, Jays and few others throw in so...
Hifiman EF6

Hifiman EF6 Review

The Hifiman EF6 is a Class A high-end solid-state desktop amplifier specifically tuned and powered to pair with the HE6 headphones. It is priced at $1599. Disclaimer: The Hifiman EF6 sent to us is a sample in ...
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The J88 by JBL

The J88 by JBL, or should I say the JBL J88 by Harman. There is a lot in that sentence if you read carefully. Harman is basically Harman Kardon if you are not already familiar with that and they are also respon...
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The D42 Mamba by Ibasso

It is indeed ironic that I just finished reviewing the FiiO X3 DAP wherein I questioned if there is enough pulling power for android fanboys to get off their beloved OS and onto something more unique only to fi...
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The X3 DAP by FiiO

Darn... FiiO just went and did it and finally gave us the DAP they have been talking about since late 2011 - the FiiO X3. Feted for their quality to price ratio and bang for buck kings (sorry I have almost run ...
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The X3-DAC by Rein Audio

Rein Audio of Austria is a name that came onto our radar quite recently with the X-Phone desktop amplifier which we felt was a bit of a work in progress but had some good plus points and a nice price tag which ...
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The CL by Harman Kardon

The CL is one of a raft of new releases by Harman Karon in personal audio for 2013. Actually to be honest with you for me HK, (Harman Kardan), have been very low profile in personal audio up until this point wi...
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The uDAC-2496 by Just Audio UK

The last time I reviewed the Just Audio line was the AHA-120 and uHA-120 and found the uHA-120 with the K550 to be a very sweet match as well as feeling a lot of hardcore audiophile respect for the brand. It wa...
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The HD681 Evo by Superlux

Ah Superlux, my finely tuned budget friendly headphone manufacturer are back again with a new update on their classic HD681, the Evo edition or HD681 Evo. The lines are sleeker, the packaging is updated and the...