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RHA Launch A Wireless Planar IEM – The CL2!

Independent audio company RHA has released the world’s first planar magnetic wireless headphone, the CL2 Planar.

Precision under pressure

The CL2 Planar is built around the most compact planar magnetic driver ever released. Developed by RHA over four years, the 10mm driver consists of a planar coil and 16-micrometer diaphragm perfectly suspended above two matched magnetic fields.

This advanced driver technology produces an unprecedented performance. RHA has achieved the revered response and accuracy of planar magnetic technology in a 10mm diameter driver – allowing for fully portable, high-fidelity audio.

“The combination of industry-leading technology and remarkable materials used in the
CL2 Planar results in a headphone like no other. The miniaturization of planar magnet technology is a feat of engineering and the sound generated reflects this.

“As well as being technologically advanced and sounding great, the CL2 Planar is hi-fi Bluetooth® compatible. We believe this creates a very special offering for people who love amazing audio and want that experience wherever they are.”

Colum Fraser – Marketing Manager, RHA


Made of more

The Product Design team at RHA developed the CL2 Planar using superior materials and manufacturing processes, taking inspiration from the aerospace and fine jewelry industries.

Zirconium dioxide is used to create near-indestructible, flawless housings for the CL2 Planar. The uniform molecular structure of zirconium is also used to make synthetic diamonds and protect jet engines. The smooth internal surface encourages an uninterrupted flow of audio waves from driver to ear.

“At the start of the design process for the CL2 Planar, my team were faced with the challenge of creating a new standard in acoustic engineering. We spent years researching and testing, and what we have produced is a world-first in magnetic driver technology – a true testament to the creativity and innovation at RHA.

“We needed to develop something strong and aesthetically superior to protect the incredibly intricate driver. The precision-engineered, injection-molded zirconium dioxide housings are light, durable and scratch resistant. These beautiful pieces are the result of our inventive design, superior workmanship, and years of experience in true-to-life audio reproduction.”

Kyle Hutchison – Head of Product Design, RHA


Oxygen-free, copper, detachable 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm cables with high-purity OFC cores transmit analog audio signals without distortion. Braiding gives the cables extra strength and a beautiful aesthetic while ensuring kinks and bends don’t interfere with the analog signal traveling to the driver

Compatibility with a new, modified version of RHA’s Bluetooth® SecureFlex neckband ensures that the CL2 Planar can be used wirelessly. The tactile, contoured silicone provides luxurious comfort and practicality. The flexible shape of the cable delivers reassuring stability while remaining unobtrusive. The unique, black stainless-steel finishes are produced using a magnetized vacuum with superheated plasma and powdered dye to create an unblemished, scratchproof coating.

Function and form

The CL2 Planar comes with detachable 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm cables as well as a modified version of RHA’s SecureFlex 12-hour Bluetooth® neckband. The variety of cables allows users to listen via different devices, with wired or Bluetooth connections. This feature enables custom combinations with personal audio equipment.

The Bluetooth® SecureFlex neckband provides 12-hour battery life and a universal remote which allows users to switch between music, calls and digital assistant functions at the touch of a button. Compatible with aptX™ and AAC streaming, the Bluetooth® neckband capable of providing high-fidelity audio wirelessly.


Listeners can use the SecureFlex neckband to access their device’s digital assistant. This means they can send messages, use navigation apps, or have text-read out using only the remote on the headphones – without interacting directly with the device. The neckband can connect simultaneously with multiple devices and sends vibrations through the silicone neckband to make sure no call is missed. The tap-and-go pairing (NFC) function facilitates hassle-free connections and the neckband has a Bluetooth® range of 10 meters for any connected device.

  • The world’s first wireless headphone to use planar magnetic technology
  • Ground-breaking headphone technology comes with wired and wireless cable options
  • Precision engineered with luxury materials to ensure remarkable sound quality and beautiful finish
  • Available online and in select retailers from today for $995.95


CL2 Accessories

  • Braided Ag4x silver coated cable: MMCX – 2.5mm balanced
  • Braided oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable: MMCX – 3.5mm
  • SecureFlex Bluetooth® neckband: MMCX
  • Flight case
  • Carry pouch
  • Stainless steel ear tip holder
  • USB C charging cable
  • Flight adapter
  • Dual density silicone ear tips: 2xS, 2xM, 2xL
  • Double flange silicone ear tips: 1xS, 1xL
  • Comply™ Foam Tsx400 ear tips: 3xM
  • Sports clip


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