AiAiAi TMA-1 STudio

Aiaiai TMA-1 Studio Edition Headphones Review

OK, so I got these a while back direct from Aiaiai I have been playing them solidly for a while now alongside the original TMA-1 and just for kicks the Fools Gold edition of the TMA-1. When the original TMA-1 ...

ALO Audio The Pan Am Review

The ALO Audio Pan Am is a 3-component stackable tube amp, DAC and dedicated line conditioning power unit system. It is priced at $599. Disclaimer: The ALO Audio Pan Am was sent to us as a loan sample in exchan...

Philips Citiscape Uptown Headphones

I loved the Downtown from Philips previously; good looks, nice inoffensive sound and great price so colored me interested when the I got hold of the bigger brother - the Uptown. Honestly I think Philips are goi...

AKG K512 MKII Headphones

AKG have been reinventing themselves somewhat of late with some notable releases such as the K550 and the K495 NC headsets and have been garnishing more than favorable feedback from the headphone community as a...

Urbanears Zinken – Frapperande!

So what is a Zinken? Nevermind the fact I got these headphones in bright sky blue - I want to know what a Zinken is first. Well there is a Dr. Jorge Zinken, nah that is too obscure, oh wait I found this - an XD...
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Soundmagic HP100 – A balanced debut

Soundmagic are known for their budget busting good value earphones for a few years now and have a rabid following in most quarters. I have not known a local meet without a PL-something or other in attendance an...