iBasso DX120

iBasso DX120 Review

Disclaimer: The iBasso DX120 was sent to us a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank iBasso for this opportunity. To learn more about iBasso product reviews on Headfonics you can click here. The DX120 is the 7th DAP in as many years to be launch...
iBasso IT04

iBasso IT04 Review

Disclaimer: The iBasso IT04 was sent to us in exchange for our honest opinion. Thank you to iBasso for giving us this opportunity. Whilst not as prolific as some of their counterparts, iBasso have been slowly building an impressive portfolio of in-ear monitor...
iBasso DX150

iBasso DX150 Review

Disclaimer: The iBasso DX150 was sent to us a sample in exchange for our honest opinion and does not have to be returned. We thank the team at iBasso for giving us this opportunity. In 2017 we voted the iBasso DX200 as our favorite reviewed DAP of the year. W...
8.5Our Score

iBasso IT01 Review

The iBasso IT01 is their new entry-level single dynamic driver IEM which will run alongside the previously reviewed IT03 and the soon to be launched IT04. I cannot overstate how much hype was surrounding the IT03 when it first came out. There was definitely s...

The AMP3 by iBasso

The AMP3 from iBasso is now the 3rd proprietary amp card for their flagship DX200 DAP. Priced at $199 it is no throwaway accessory and double the price of the FiiO equivalent amps for their X7 and X7 mark 2. That being said, those that have tried AMP1 and AMP...

The DX200 By iBasso

iBasso celebrated their 10th anniversary very recently and the launch of the feature packed DX200 has been timed to coincide with that landmark moment. Those of you who remember the DX100 had been waiting patiently for a true flagship DAP from iBasso for quit...
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The PB3 Mockingbird By iBasso

We had the Toucan, the Pelican and now we have the Mockingbird which is the third in the PB series of portable amps from iBasso with a focus on balanced power. This has always been a well-regarded series of amps and whilst other designs from iBasso have been d...
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The IT03 By iBasso

iBasso have this knack of churning out new products without much initial fanfare and slowly but surely it sort of just creeps into the audiophile consciousness before suddenly it becomes a cult hit or a reference product. Of late their DAPs have bucked that tr...
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The DX80 by iBasso

It was perhaps inevitable that iBasso would release a new DAP at the tail end of last year given the rash of next gen DAP's released by the likes of FiiO and the X5ii and X7 as well as the sensibly priced Pioneer XDP-100R. Those looking from the outside in had...
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The P5 “Falcon” by Ibasso

It has been the trend of late to roll out eye catching statements with portable amps from big companies who are preferring to roll DAC's and amps into combo units and pitch them as your smartphone or iGadget companion. However, every now and then a darn good o...
8.7Our Score

The D14 Bushmaster by iBasso

I am going to sound like a stuck record since I said almost the exact same opening as I did for the FiiO Q1 but the reality is the iBasso have also been the other raging success in the audiophile world with regards to high quality mid-priced DAP's over the las...
DX90 Daft Punk
8.2Our Score

The DX90 by iBasso

The audiophile DAP race continues unabated with the release of the next step up from the DX50 by iBasso with the $419 DX90 DAP. It is almost as if iBasso and FiiO are in this budget busting DAP war bubble right now and matching each other blow for blow with th...
Ibasso 6

The DX50 DAP by Ibasso

It has been an amazing year or two now for the revival of the humble DAP or mp3 player as we used to call it. Hifiman, Colorfly, iRiver's Astell & Kern, FiiO and now Ibasso all coming out with a vision of what a modern audiophile wants in their DAP and whilst ...
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The D42 Mamba by Ibasso

It is indeed ironic that I just finished reviewing the FiiO X3 DAP wherein I questioned if there is enough pulling power for android fanboys to get off their beloved OS and onto something more unique only to find the next item at hand was the D42 Mamba by iBas...

iBasso T5 – A Pocket Rocket?

I have been mightily impressed of late with the incoming small headphone amps such as the D-Zero, the FiiO E11 and even the postage stamp sized FiiO E6 so when the iBasso T5 arrived (complete in the fancy new iBasso packing I so love) I was preparing myself fo...

iBasso release the D-Zero

Visit www.ibasso.com iBasso are known for their quality headphone amp's and DAC's but outside of the T series have never been known as entry level or cheap and with good reason. As an owner of the PB2 and Db2 I can tell you they churn out great quality. Howev...
Lotoo Paw Gold Touch

Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Review

Disclaimer: The Lotoo PAW Gold Touch sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at Lotoo for giving us this opportunity. To read more about Lotoo products used on Headfonics click here. Note: This review was completed using ...