Colorfly U8

Colorfly U8 | First Contact

The Colorfly U8 DAP gets the First Contact treatment in our new video with a short walk through and initial impressions. The U8 is priced at $1199. Disclaimer: The Colorfly U8 was sent to us in exchange for ou...
FiiO M7

FiiO M7 Review

The FiiO M7 is the company's latest consumer line digital media player and is priced at $199.99. Disclaimer: The FiiO M7 sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned....
FiiO M3K

FiiO M3K | First Contact

Disclaimer: The FiiO M3K sent to us for the purposes of this video is a sample and does not have to be returned. Thank you to FiiO for giving us this opportunity. Note to watch the video simply click on the pl...
Hidizs AP80

Hidizs AP80 Review

The Hidizs AP80 is a brand new entry-level DAP priced at a very competitive $115. This is a very small sized DAP designed to compete with the Shanling M0. Disclaimer: The Hidizs AP80 sent to us for the purpose...
Xduoo X3II

XDuoo X3II Review

The Xduoo X3II is a feature-packed entry-level digital media player priced at $119. It boasts of DSD playback, BT, USB DAC, and OTG capability. Disclaimer: The Xduoo X3II was sent to me for the purposes of thi...
iBasso DX150

iBasso DX150 Review

The iBasso DX150 is the latest mid-fi digital media player from this Chinese manufacturer. Priced at $499 it is aimed at the mid-fi portable audio fan. Disclaimer: The iBasso DX150 was sent to us a sample in e...
Shanling M0

Shanling M0 Review

The Shanling M0 is a new ultra-portable touchscreen digital media player price at a very budget-friendly $109. Disclaimer: The Shanling M0 was sent to us a sample in exchange for our honest opinion and does no...
Xduoo D3

Xduoo Nano D3 Review

The Xduoo D3 is a pocket-sized digital media player priced at just $79.99. It is packed with a ton of features including the ability to pay DSD256. Disclaimer: The Xduoo Nano D3 was sent to me for the purposes...

HiBy Music R3 Review

The HiBy Music R3 digital media player comes hot on the heels of the successful launch of the flagship R6. It is priced at $229 Disclaimer: This unit of the HiBy Music R3 is an engineering or prototype sample ...

Questyle QP2R Review

Questyle QP2R is the next generation of their current mode implemented digital media players and builds on the success of the QP1R. It retails for $1299 Disclaimer: The Questyle QP2R was sent to us is a loan s...

Hidizs AP60 II Review

The AP60 II is a second-gen entry-level digital media player from Hidizs. It showcases a number of improvements over the original. It is priced at 119. Disclaimer: The Hidizs AP60 II sent to us are samples in ...

Echobox Explorer Review

The Echobox Explorer is a unique looking and beautifully finished wood encased digital media player featuring Android and is selling for $599. Disclaimer: The Echobox Explorer sent to us is a sample in exchang...
X3 Mark III

FiiO X3 Mark III Review

The FiiO X3 Mark III or the X3iii is the latest generation of their mid-fi digital media player. It uses a scroll wheel non-touch Linux OS. It is priced at $199.99 Disclaimer: The FiiO X3 Mark III sent to us i...

Cayin N5ii Review

The Cayin N5ii is the third generation of the N-Series digital media player stretching back to the N6 and N5. The SRP price is $369. Disclaimer: The Cayin N5ii sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest...

Acoustic Research AR-M2 Review

The Acoustic Research AR-M2 is a new Hi-Res Android-based digital media player with a UK price of £899 or $999 in the US. Disclaimer: The Acoustic Research AR-M2 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our hone...

Colorfly C10 Review

The Colorfly C10 is a robust yet attractive mid-range digital media player with an accent of wood and retro volume slider priced at $299 SRP. Disclaimer: The Colorfly C10 was sent to us in exchange for our hon...

HiBy R6 Review

The HiBy R6 is their debut digital media player featuring a stainless steel housing, Oreo 8 and wireless connectivity. It is priced at $649. Disclaimer: The HiBy R6 was sent to us a sample in exchange for our ...
Shanling M2s

The M2s By Shanling

It is just over a year since we covered the Shanling M5, a DAP I much admired for its adherence to all the finer qualities of the AK4490 with a warm to neutral presentation and cracking vocal presentation. It ...

The Alien+ By Shozy

An LCD screen. It is perhaps inevitable that the one distinctive "lack of feature" on one of my favorite budget DAPs, the Shozy Alien, has now been done away with by actually adding it into the newly launched A...

The X7 Mark II By FiiO

Given the rapid development of DAPs in the last 2 years, it is totally unsurprising to see FiiO launch a revised edition of their original and very successful X7 flagship DAP which launched in late 2015. FiiO h...