Black Friday & Cyber Weekend 2020 Deals
Headfonics 2020

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Music Sanctuary

Singaporean dealers, Music Sanctuary, are also offering some excellent deals on some good quality monitors and cables with 20% off Custom Art’s FIBAE Black and 25% off AAW IEMS. The full list of discounted product lines are as follows:

  • 10% off Fearless and qdc IEMs
  • 15% off PWAudio, Han Sound Audio, and Cross Lambda cables
  • 20% off 64 Audio except for A2e, A3e, and Nio
  • 20% off Custom Art FIBAE Black
  • Up to 25% off AAW IEMs
  • Up to 30% off Ultimate Ears IEMs

All offers are valid 27th-30th of November 2020 except for 64 Audio which is active now and ends on the 29 November 2020. 

Empire Ears Black Friday

Empire Ears

Empire Ears have had some quality coverage this year on Headfonics with the Odin topping the charts in terms of our reviewer scores at the time of writing. It is a stunning universal monitor and you can read more about it here in our review

Lots of monitors, be it custom or universal gets the discount treatment from Empire Ears this Black Friday and Cyber Weekend 2020. You get 20% off all in-stock universal IEMs and 15% off any CIEM order.

That includes the likes of the Wraith, and the Valkyrie among others. It does not, however, include Odin and Hero directly. For those look to dealers like MusicTeck on page 1 of this feature.

Simply apply one of these two codes to get your discount at the checkout. BFCM2020U for the universal IEM sales and BFCM2020C for the custom monitor discounts. 

Black Friday 2020

Effect Audio

EA have been regular Black Friday and Cyber Weekend promoters and for 2020 they have kept things pretty simple with some sitewide discounts including 15% off all Vogue, Premium, and Heritage Series cables.  Code 51 and Horus X/Octa will be 10% off for the first 3 buyers to snap them up. 

Cables covered under the 15% offer include the excellent Leonidas II and the Octa version, as well as the Cleopatra, all previously reviewed right here on Headfonics.

This is a short and snappy offer that ends on November 29th, 2020 Singapore Time. 

Burson Audio Black Friday

Burson Audio

Antipodean purveyors of fine ampery, aka Burson Audio of Australia, are partaking in the Black Friday and Cyber Weekend experience this year with a pretty simple but very effective sitewide discount of 20% on everything they have in stock, or until stocks run out. 

You can get this 20% via inserting a coupon code at the checkout as follows: 20OFF

And there is more. Some items that are already on sale will also be eligible for that 20% discount using the same coupon code checkout process meaning there could be some gems in the bargain bucket just waiting for you.

You can cancel your order before it ships. Burson will refund the order via PayPal, less 5% transaction fee, (the part that Burson does not get refunded by PayPal).

Noble Audio Black Friday 2020

Noble Audio

Noble Audio always does some killer deals for Black Friday, and for 2020 they have 2 bargains for you from November 27th through to November 30th, 2020 CST. Both the Encore and the excellent Katana are available for as low as $925 during the sales period. 

On top of that, you get a further 20% of all wired universal monitors, 20% off all custom monitors, and 20% off all cables excluding their Wagnus X Noble range. That will include their recently released Zephyr and the Sultan, 2 excellent universal monitors we reviewed this year.


Campfire Audio Black Friday 2020

Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio has a different system for their Black Friday and Cyber Weekend sales. For their deals, you have to hop on the ‘discount bus’ and take a trip over to their ALO Audio deals website.

The picture above tells you everything you need to know in a nutshell but for those that cannot view it the 8 deals are as follows (dual prices are for B stock and A stock where applicable)

  1. Campfire Audio Andromeda from $749 to $849
  2. Campfire Audio Andromeda Gold $899
  3. Campfire Audio Atlas $699
  4. Campfire Audio IO – $179 to $249
  5. Campfire Audio Orion CK $129
  6. Campfire Audio Polaris II $299
  7. Campfire Audio Solaris $949 – $1099
  8. Campfire Audio Solaris SE – $1199

All the deals kicked off a little earlier this week on Monday but will run until stocks last. They usually sell out pretty quickly by the way especially with free shipping in the US for these deals.

Meze Audio Black Friday 2020

Meze Audio

Promo page

Meze Audio are also offering a deal for Black Friday for those interested in buying their TOTL Rai Penta universal monitor. For every purchase, you get a free upgrade cable, valued at $149.  There does not seem to be any specific time limit for this offer and it is live now on their website. 

Also, the Rai Solo has a 40% discount and free shipping for all purchases. The offer is available starting today until Monday, November 30.

64 Audio Black Friday

64 Audio

64 Audio have a sitewide discount on all universal monitors excluding Nio, A2e, and A3e this coming 2020 Black Friday and Cyber weekend. In fact, they have been running for a few days previous to this article and it will continue to run until next week I presume, (no end date mentioned). 

That means a 20% discount on excellent product offerings including tia Trio, tia Fourte, and tia Fourte Noir. The Trio is perhaps my favorite of the 3 mentioned there in terms of tuning preferences. 

Just enter BF64 as your coupon code at the checkout to get your yummy discounts.

Satin Audio 2020

Satin Audio

Our Vietnamese friends are back again with another Black Friday 2020 special and this one is pretty simple to explain though very comprehensive. 

From November 27th, 2020 until November 30th, 2020 (GMT+7), all cables sold directly from their website will get a 15% discount. That means discounts on some already excellent value cables such as their flagship Zeus, Athena, and Medusa. Quality cables for all types of budgets.

I am not 100% sure it is automatically applied as last year they have a discount coupon. I am sure it will be clearly explained during the checkout process on the website.

Auris Audio Black Friday

Auris Audio

Just the one deal this year for Black Friday from European amplifier specialists Auris Audio, but it’s a very good one. Their fantastic and very unique desktop integrated DAC and tube amplifier, the Euterpe, gets a whopping 30% off. 

There is no mention of a hard ending, rather just Cyber Week so we suspect around Dec 1st to the 3rd, 2020 standard European time for the offer to end. 

Little Dot Black Friday 2020

Little Dot

Little Dot has been making a huge push this year with their latest lineup of IEMs, DAC’s and headphone amplifiers. We have covered 3 of their 4 IEMs already in our reviews, the Cu Cen, Wyn, and Rad with the Kis and their desktop tube amplifier, the H1, soon to follow. 

For Black Friday 2020, Little Dot has an excellent lineup of discounted models and seems to cover almost all of their core product lineup from IEMs, to DACs and amplifiers.

For those products with more than one entry below this is a variation of the item. For example for MK3+, it is according to if the buyer wants the Bluetooth function or not. For other items, such as LD 1+, it depends on the tube options that the customer may choose.

For the first ten customers who purchase an MK III SE and LD H1, Little Dot will supply upgrade tubes. For MK III SE, they will supply the 1960s Mil. grade ECC 88 (worth about $60-100 depending on where you get them).

For LD H1, Little Dot will supply the 1940s Ken Rad 6SL7 (worth about $100 depending on where you get them). Both of these tube upgrades will strongly enhance the performance of these two amplifiers.

Model Normal price ($USD) On sale price ($USD)
KIS 729.99 499.99
Cen 529.99 369.99
Wyn 199.99 119.99
Rad 84.99 54.99
MK 1+ 154.99 109.99
MK 2 159.99 139.99
MK 3 274.99 239.99
MK 3+ 359.99, 384.99 304.99, 319.99
MK 3 SE 494.99 439.99
MK 4 359.99 339.99
MK 4 SE 459.99 419.99
MK 5 339.99 309.99
MK 6+ 849 759.99
MK 6+ Mod 1459.99 1349.99
MK 8 SE 994.99 859.99
MK 8 SE Mod 1584.99 1449.99
MK 9 514.99 474.99
LD 1+ 124.99, 154.99, 164.99 104.99, 129.99, 134.99
LD 3 SE 1249.99 1139.99
LD A1 4509.99 3399.99
LD A2   1499
LD H1 1569.99 1149.99
LD X1 1294.99 1099.99
LD Y1   1800
LD Y2 3699.99 3199.99
LDP 1000 1399.99 1259.99
D300 AMP 359.99 329.99
D300 Pre-amp 189.99 169.99
CDP II 459.99 399.99
DAC VII 1319.99 999.99

Sales Notes

Just to note two product lines in the sales that might cause confusion.

The first, the LD-A2 which is very similar to A1, but it doesn’t have a DAC function. Also, it uses a Japanese transformer instead of the Lundahl transformer they use on A1. It has great potential for those who love to DIY, and even as stock, it has excellent performance.

The second is the LD-Y1 which is their previous flagship 300B tube amplifier. Instead of the 6SH7 tubes, it uses 6SL7 tubes, and it doesn’t come with the Lundahl transformer either.

The sales period is from the 26th of November until the end of Cyber Monday 30th November 2020.

MMR Black Friday

Metal Magic Research

A new entry on our annual Black Friday and Cyber weekend feature for 2020 is MMR or Metal Magic Research, headed up by Joseph Mou who also happens to be the founder of Jomo Audio. We do have something review-wise lined up with them for December so watch this space. 

In the meantime, they are offering a 15% discount on their high-end Thummim and Homunculus monitors from Black Friday 27th of November 2020 to the following Friday 4th December 2020 Singapore time.

Flip Ears Black Friday

Flip Ears

Black Friday and Cyber Weekend is really a global thing now as proven by Filipino custom monitor specialists, Flip Ears. They are offering 20% off of your FlipEars order for the ENTIRE MONTH of November! They are also giving their premium faceplate selections and custom faceplate design service FOR FREE!

Offers Include:

  • FlipEars Aiden: 12,000
  • FlipEars Aisha: 16,000
  • FlipEars Aim v4: 20,000
  • FlipEars AZ v3: 28,000
  • FlipEars Redeemer: 46,000
  • FlipEars Axl: 54,000
  • FlipEars Ace v3: 70,000
  • Custom artwork is Free.
  • Ear impressions are 2000 for home service.

Discount prices are in Philippines Peso (PHP) and the promo is exclusive for Philippine-based customers. 

Earmen Black friday


Earmen are also offering some Black Friday sales this 2020 with 30% off their new compact Eagle USB-DAC.

The EarMen Eagle is a high-performance pocket-friendly USB DAC and headphone amplifier, which is also compatible with Apple® and Android™ mobile devices. It is lightweight, but with a premium-looking but robust aluminum and glass enclosure.

The Eagle can also decode up to 32bit/384kHz PCM, as well as DXD and DSD128 using a Sabre ES9281 DAC. It has a rated output of 62mW into a 32Ω load.

Penon Audio Black Friday 2020

Penon Audio

Hong Kong Specialists, Penon Audio have been highlighting some deals that will appeal to earbud lovers for Black Friday 2020. These include the likes of ISN, the Rose Maria, and OURART. Actually, when you click on their Black Friday sale section on their website they have listed 192 products with some brands up to 65% apparently which is pretty awesome. 

Anyway here are the highlighted earbud deals below that we definitely do know they are promoting. (Prices are in US$ and applicable to all customers worldwide).

  1. ISN RamboII – Original price: $69 Black Friday price: $59
  2. Rose Maria – Original price: $369 Black Friday price: $239
  3. OURART QJ21 – Original price: $245 Black Friday price: $199

All deals are applicable from November 24th, 2020 until the 30th of November, 2020.

Click on Page 3 below for even more deals!

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