Shanling MW200

Shanling MW200 Review

The Shanling MW200 is a detachable Bluetooth receiver with a neck brace design capable of aptX HD and LDAC decoding. It is priced at $119. Disclaimer: The Shanling MW200 sent to us is a sample in exchange for ...
Shanling M8

Shanling M8 Review

The Shanling M8 is a flagship digital audio player featuring a dual AKM AK4499EQ DAC, up to 840mW of power, and interchangeable headphone sockets. It is priced at $1659. Disclaimer: The Shanling M8 sent to u...
Shanling M6 Pro

Shanling M6 Pro Review

The Shanling M6 Pro flagship DAP improves on the original M6 release with a new dual AK4497EQ DAC and a more powerful 600mW amplifier. It is priced at $759. Disclaimer: The Shanling M6 Pro sent to us is a samp...
Shanling MTW100

Shanling MTW100 Review

The Shanling MTW100 is the company's first TWS system and it comes in two flavors, a single dynamic, and a single BA version. They are priced at $79 and $89 each. Disclaimer: The Shanling MTW100 sent to us is ...
Shanling Q1

Shanling Q1 Review

The Shanling Q1 is a new Kickstarter-funded entry-level digital media player with a retro look inspired by the designs of the 1940s and 1950s. It is priced from $89. Disclaimer: The Shanling Q1 sent to us is a...

The M3 DAP by Shanling Audio

Shanling Audio have been on the go now for nearly 27 years and are very well known (at least in SE Asia) for their impressive power amps and desk top audio in general including DAC's and CD players. Much in the...