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The DX80 by iBasso

It was perhaps inevitable that iBasso would release a new DAP at the tail end of last year given the rash of next gen DAP's released by the likes of FiiO and the X5ii and X7 as well as the sensibly priced Pioneer XDP-100R. Those looking from the outside in had...
DX90 Daft Punk
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The DX90 by iBasso

The audiophile DAP race continues unabated with the release of the next step up from the DX50 by iBasso with the $419 DX90 DAP. It is almost as if iBasso and FiiO are in this budget busting DAP war bubble right now and matching each other blow for blow with th...

iBasso T5 – A Pocket Rocket?

I have been mightily impressed of late with the incoming small headphone amps such as the D-Zero, the FiiO E11 and even the postage stamp sized FiiO E6 so when the iBasso T5 arrived (complete in the fancy new iBasso packing I so love) I was preparing myself fo...

iBasso release the D-Zero

Visit www.ibasso.com iBasso are known for their quality headphone amp's and DAC's but outside of the T series have never been known as entry level or cheap and with good reason. As an owner of the PB2 and Db2 I can tell you they churn out great quality. Howev...