qdc Dmagic 3D

qdc Dmagic 3D – First Contact

The qdc Dmagic 3D is a triple dynamic driver universal and custom monitor consisting of a 10mm dual dynamic driver and a single 8mm dynamic driver. It is priced from $1315.00. Disclaimer: The qdc Dmagic 3D sen...
Cayin N3Pro

Cayin N3Pro – First Contact

The Cayin N3Pro is a dual operational mode, tube-infused digital media player with a twin AK4493 DAC implementation. It is priced at $479.  Disclaimer: The Cayin N3Pro sent to us is a sample in exchange f...
Final D8000 Pro

Final D8000 Pro – First Contact

The Final D8000 Pro is a co-flagship planar magnetic headphone and the second of the Japanese firms’ D-Series planar line focusing on the audio professional. It is priced at £3,999. Please note this initial im...
Topping D90

Topping D90 Review

The Topping D90 is a new company flagship pure DAC packed with an AKM AK4499 chipset, optional MQA decoding, and BT wireless capability. It is priced at $699 and $799 for the MQA Edition. Disclaimer: The Toppi...
Lime Ears psi

Lime Ears psi – First Contact

The Lime ears psi is a triple balanced armature custom monitor with a custom enhanced bass switch for two unique sound signatures. The retail price starts at €625.00. Disclaimer: The Lime Ears psi sent to us i...
Kinera Nanna

Kinera Nanna – First Contact

The Kinera Nanna is a debut flagship tri-brid universal monitor feature dynamic, balanced armature and electrostatic drivers. It is priced from $899.99. Disclaimer: The Kinera Nanna was sent to us a sample in ...
Lotoo PAW 6000

Lotoo PAW 6000 Review

The Lotoo PAW 6000 is the company's latest reference class digital audio player and the smaller sibling to flagship PAW Gold Touch DAP. It is currently priced at $1200. Disclaimer: The Lotoo PAW 6000 sent...