Acoustune HS1551
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Acoustune HS1551 CU Review

Disclaimer: The Acoustune HS1551 CU was sent to us a sample in exchange for our honest opinion and does not have to be returned. Acoustune is not a site advertiser or affiliated with Headfonics. We thank the distributor, Soundwave Audio Visual Store, and Acous...
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The DR1 IEM by Pai Audio

Transcendental number worshippers, Pai Audio are back again with another sample of their earphone range for us to play with. This time, it is the DR1, which is priced considerably cheaper than the MR2 we reviewed in August of this year. The DR1 will set you ba...
Edition S
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The Edition S By Hifiman

The release of a dynamic headphone from a planar specialist. It has been done before but to a different standard and in a different period of growth for Hifiman. Back in 2011, it was the HE300, which was crafted in the likeness of their first generation design...
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The TH-X00 by Fostex & Massdrop

Leave it to Massdrop to solicit a positive design alteration from Fostex that is both superior and cheaper than the original model it was based on.  Back when the X00 had first been announced, I’d thought it was going to be an entirely new product, or maybe a ...
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The N90Q by AKG

Harman has shifted their marketing division roughly half a dozen times in 2015.  Now, I can almost time it when I’ll get a new email that tells me the last group isn’t handling the headphone department anymore and that some new people are.  It’s humorous for s...
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The Nighthawk By AudioQuest

AudioQuest ran into the Audiophile Pit while wearing a cowboy hat, guns blazing and firing at anything that moved like the mad men they are. I’ve got to admit, I really like their view on how headphones should sound and it is incredibly refreshing to have a pr...
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The NatroSound NS-U1 IEM By LEAR

Tatco Ma and I have been speaking for a while now about reviewing some LEAR gear and truth be told this is not the first item I have received from Tat but it is his newest IEM and something I can sense he is very excited to get out into the market - The NatroS...
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The A73 IEM By Fidue

Fidue have started to get rather prolific in the IEM market over the last year or two and from the A83 downwards I have seen at least 4 to 5 new models come out all with specific target markets in mind from treble heads to bass heads to something in between. T...