The Box One By Silent Point

Outside our office, we have a single transformer that supplies about 3-4 different properties and we actually have an electrician who has spent most of his time adding additional grounding to keep our AC as cle...

The Thor II By Effect Audio

The Thor Silver IEM cable is one of Effect Audio's core or long-term product lines and was originally launched in 2013. You can still buy it today from Effect Audio for around $250 and graze through the various...
Effect Audio Lionheart

The Lionheart By Effect Audio

I have had quite a few IEMs in the last two years that I have spoken about fondly. IEM's that have great potential only to be held back by a stock cable that serves a basic purpose rather than delivers exceptio...
Ifi Title

The iEMatch By iFi Audio

Just recently iFi Audio released a small and affordable little accessory called the iEMatch. It’s basically an analog dampener in form of a short dongle that wants to improve the compatibility with sensitive he...
Double Helix

The Symbiote SP V3 By DHC

This Double Helix entry is part two of a four-part series of high-end cables. For the general introduction about cable performance and matching, please see the first review of the series (Rhapsodio Golden). In ...

The Golden IEM Cable By Rhapsodio

Cables. The single most controversial subject in an already questionable hobby. Reading about the topic might already put on a frown by many readers. And what’s worse, it’s high-end cables. High end, as in, eve...

FiiO RM1 Review

The FiiO RM1 is a small Bluetooth controller that works with a wide variety of in-house, portable audio and car applications. It is priced at $17.99 Disclaimer: The FiiO RM1 sent to us is a sample in exchange ...

The U-Craft (Y) USB Cable by Kingrex

The dark arts of cabling is notorious for causing outright war among audiophiles of all shapes and sizes. It is the one area in this hobby of ours that will just run and run in terms of will it or wont it make ...