Effect Audio Ares II+
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Effect Audio Ares II 8-Wire Review

Disclaimer: The Effect Audio Ares II 8-wire was sent to us a sample in exchange for our honest opinion and does not have to be returned. We thank Effect Audio for this opportunity. I have received a few monito...
Plussound Tri-Copper Cable
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Plussound Tri-Copper Cable Review

Disclaimer: The Plussound Tri-Copper cable sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned. Thank you to Plussound for giving us this opportunity. After a brief flirtati...
Astral Acoustics Libra
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Astral Acoustics Libra Review

Disclaimer: The Astral Acoustics Libra was sent to us a sample in exchange for our honest opinion and does not have to be returned. Astral Acoustics is not a site advertiser or affiliated with Headfonics. We th...
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Astral Acoustics Taurus Review

Astral Acoustics is now having a Chinese New Year Sale of up to 20% off for all IEM cables until March 16th 2018! Sales prices include the Taurus at just $190. The other cable line sale prices are as follows: L...
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The Box One By Silent Point

Outside our office, we have a single transformer that supplies about 3-4 different properties and we actually have an electrician who has spent most of his time adding additional grounding to keep our AC as cle...
Ifi Title
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The iEMatch By iFi Audio

Just recently iFi Audio released a small and affordable little accessory called the iEMatch. It’s basically an analog dampener in form of a short dongle that wants to improve the compatibility with sensitive he...
Title2 2
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The X7 AM5 Module By FiiO

Modules for the FiiO X7 DAP are now coming thick and fast with the public launch now of the AM5 and as I write we just received the AM3 (review later guys!). I was actually very impressed with the AM2 for its f...
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The RM1 By FiiO

The FiiO RM1 is one of the more unusual and device specific FiiO products and sells for just $17.99. I say unusual in the sense that it doesn't have any audio capabilities being instead a Bluetooth remote contr...