Audio Cable Reviews

Double Helix

The Symbiote SP V3 By DHC

This Double Helix entry is part two of a four-part series of high-end cables. For the general introduction about cable performance and matching, please see the first review of the series (Rhapsodio Golden). In ...

The Golden IEM Cable By Rhapsodio

Cables. The single most controversial subject in an already questionable hobby. Reading about the topic might already put on a frown by many readers. And what’s worse, it’s high-end cables. High end, as in, eve...

The U-Craft (Y) USB Cable by Kingrex

The dark arts of cabling is notorious for causing outright war among audiophiles of all shapes and sizes. It is the one area in this hobby of ours that will just run and run in terms of will it or wont it make ...