A David & Goliath IEM Sound Off!

When you’re content with a setup, it’s hard to imagine sound can significantly improve after that -whether it’s the first  $50 IEM as an upgrade of the free earbuds you got with your smartphone, an entry model in the audiophile market or a TOTL custom – that f...
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The Alpha 1 IEM by DUNU

With many repeated formulas in the world of audio, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish and even get excited about certain similar sounding listening gear. Thus, when DUNU unveil a new and unprecedented concept from out of the blue, it undoubtedly offers a ...
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The Titan 1 IEM by DUNU

DUNU is one company which does not easily abide by standard conventions. Armed with daring designs, bold driver configurations and unprecedented concepts they have pushed the envelope of innovation even further with its latest release: the DUNU Titan 1. Employ...
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The DUNU Tai-Chi IEM

DUNU has been one of the IEM world’s rising stars as of late. In just two years, DUNU has released a lineup of great IEMs, ranging from the entry level Trident (my favorite budget IEM), to the mid-level Tai-Chi. In fact, the Tai-Chi is what’s to be reviewed to...

Dunu DN-18 Hawkeye Review

I just won a set of IEM's from a fairly new earphone company named DUNU. There was a review competition and I was listed among the 10 people to review a set of their DUNU DN-18 Hawkeye earphones. First, I would like to say a big thanks to DUNU for their genero...