The DUNU DN-2000J is a dynamic driver and 2 balanced armature driver hybrid universal IEM inspired by the high-end AKG K3003 model. It is priced at $347.

Disclaimer: The DUNU DN-2000J sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at DUNU for giving us this opportunity.

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Road Map

DUNU has been in the IEM game for quite some time now and while never a prime innovator of their field during their early stages, they have aggressively climbed the industry ladder and have released some of the most extraordinary hybrid monitors to date.

The DUNU DN-1000 was the first of their triad of hybrids to open the scene with a fun V-shaped signature that masterfully utilized its hybrid set-up for a captivating performance. The DUNU DN-2000 took it one step further to provide an even more articulate bass response, greater depth of soundstage, and better perceived vocal clarity. With just these two hybrids alone, the cult of DUNU supporters has exponentially grown and has earned the company a great amount of respect across the board.

That is not to say that their other offerings failed short, however, as the DUNU Titan 1 also revolutionized the category of semi-open earphones with its titanium-treated drivers. The result is an immensely clear-cut sound with impeccable bass resolution and crisp note portrayal. Consequently, the fascination of titanium drivers and their impact on sound has allowed DUNU to explore options for their soon to be flagship hybrid monitor.


Following many months of deliberation and careful retuning, the latest of the DUNU’s concoctions; the DUNU DN-2000J had finally been unveiled and released. Originally planned to be sold exclusively to the Japanese market, DUNU changed strategy towards an international release following interest among the community; a very smart move, in my opinion.

The AKG K3003, arguably the best universal around, had been the major source of inspiration behind the DN-2000J’s drivers with the company president even buying a pair for analysis. With the K3003’s huge success amongst critics worldwide, DUNU aimed to emulate AKG’s successes by implementing the same hi-res profile of the K3003 as well as its very capable low-end performance.

Priced at a mere $347, the intention was clear; to achieve a K3003 sound at a fraction of the price. This is also evident in the DN-2000J’s departure from the traditional slightly laidback DUNU house sound.


The Box & Accessories

Adopting the same black box packaging as the predecessors before it, DUNU has now tightened up the information presented on the first opening. No longer are there frequency charts or analysis of the different tips on the front page but instead a short summary of what the 2000J is about coupled with specifications of the driver. The information is well presented and spaced out unlike prior packaging; all in all, a solid effort.


Just like the DUNU DN-2000 before it, the 2000Js come fully equipped with an exhaustive array of accessories to accommodate for just about any situation an audiophile can face.

This includes a whopping 10 pairs of silicone ear tips, 3 pairs of Comply foams, a pair of ear-hooks, a 3.5mm Female to 6.5mm Male Adaptor, a 3.5mm Female adaptor, 8 pairs of adjustable rings, a pair of bass rings, and a stunning aluminum box with gold accents.

The bass rings are a new option that allows for a more subtle bass boost than the stock signature.

The Design & Build

Like the DN-2000, the DN-2000J features solid metal housing but this in time in a more compact form factor with a silver finish. This was a move in the right direction for DUNU as many had complained about the larger housings of the predecessor and the effect that it had had for long term comfort.

The cable itself still remains a factor that could be improved upon as not only does it lack a detachability option but could also be more strongly attached to the housing material. Nevertheless, the cable tie near the 3.5mm jack is a very clever addition to save on pocket space and even tangling issues.


The design of the 2000J even draws on influences from the AKG K3003 earphones with a silver bullet housing and black cabling. Where they differ however is that the K3003 has an even smaller frame than the 2000J with a more vibrant complexion. Both appear as premium products but the AKGs more so due to their silver accented Y-split and more polished housing material.


The Fit & Isolation

Owing to the smaller housing, fit has significantly improved since the DUNU DN-2000. However, the side handles have not been eradicated and may still provide a source of irritation.

Though this can be overcome with the silicone wings provided which also act to secure the monitors in your ear. Noise isolation is not optimal but this does not surprise me as it has never really been one of DUNU’s strong suits. Sounds can still be discerned from the outside and thus a decent level of volume is needed to drown out the environment.

DN-2000J Sound impressions

The Tonality

The DUNU DN-2000J provides a striking contrast to the DUNU DN-2000. Whereas the DUNU DN-2000 presents with a moderately warm slightly veiled midrange with decent bottom and top-end extension, the 2000J delivers a more forward and brighter analytical sound.

The bass

Starting off with the DN-2000J bass, this is one area that DUNU has blown out of the park. That is not to say that this part of the section is overly-abundant because it isn’t. Instead, the bass is the most articulate I have ever come across.

There is some exceptional control and tautness which keep the low frequencies from ever sounding displaced or excessive. Next to the DN-2000, the DN-2000J makes the former’s bass seem disproportionately boomier and slightly less intelligible. I am particularly impressed with how fast the bass decays from note to the next as well as the texture with which it presents.

The bass rings which DUNU has provided this time round allow for an even larger quantity of bass which is ample enough to satisfy those wishing for a strong low-end performance.

The Mids

The midrange frequencies of the DN-2000J are more forward compared to the DN-2000 but there is still a mild U-shaped imposition where the midrange has slightly less emphasis than the frequency ranges either side of it.

Vocals do not feel distant however and like the AKG K3003 lie just about in the right depth within the overall mix. Clarity levels are stunning and render much more micro-details compared to the DN-2000, Earsonics Velvet, and the Shure SE846.

Typical of a TWFK set, there is no stone left unturned as the 2000J hurls details in a very precise and exacting way. Also characteristic of a balanced armature design, the note presentation leans towards the thinner side and hence those in pursuit of a full-bodied warm sound should definitely look elsewhere.

With that said, the midrange can be edgier and a touch less refined compared to the K3003 though the two are still very similar in this regard. With the Comply tips, however, the midrange becomes less clinical and adopts a warmer tone at the expense of transparency and airiness.

The Treble

The DN-2000J high frequencies are polarising with some treble-sensitive people claiming them to be too bright. While the overall signature does lean towards that of a bright one where the treble can be perceived as strident, I have not found the treble to be overbearing or displeasing.

There is an excellent extension and air to tracks which make the top-end extremely resolute and contributes to the overall crystal clear sound of the DN-2000Js. Next to the AKG K3003, the 2000J’s high notes are less refined and smoother but consequently more revealing.

Tip rolling has a significant effect on this part of the spectrum with both the Comply foam tips and the K3003’s tips taming down the highs to make for a less fatiguing listening experience.

Overall, the highs are great and the initial harshness does settle down to a degree after burn-in of around 20-30 hours compared to the out of box experience.

Soundstage & Imaging

The soundstage of the DN-2000J is very airy and spacious but succumbs to the DN-2000’s more expansive and grandiose presentation. This is partly due to the 2000J’s tuning where vocals sound more forward and also due to the top of the line clarity that the 2000J exudes.

Imaging is outstanding and instrument separation is world-class with the DN-2000J easily competing with the AKG K3003.



Having just an iBasso DX90 at hand, the DN-2000J pairs surprisingly well with this device. I would not have initially thought so as the DX90 can lean towards a brighter presentation. Though with the DX90, both the treble and midrange becomes remarkably smoother and pleasurable.

Soundstage opens up even more and there is just a sensational listening experience that goes toe to toe with big contenders such as the Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor and the Shure SE846.

Our Verdict

Overall, the DUNU DN-2000J is a technically adept beast with its newly developed dynamic transducer capable of extending up to 40 kHz of hi-res audio. The clarity, the bass, and the imaging qualities are second to none and justify its flagship status.

For those reasons, the 2000Js not only competes with its price range but can also go head to head with the top of the line IEMs. The only perceived downside could be the splashier treble section with the stock silicone tips but then again, dampening techniques help to reduce this.

There is no longer a veil to the midrange or a slightly bloated bass; instead, the user receives a military precise rendition of tracks with both a strong low and top-end performance. Once again, a brilliant effort from DUNU who is now the contender to beat in the arena of hybrid competitors.

DUNU DN-2000J Technical Specifications

  • Type: Dynamic (10mm)*1,Balanced Armature*2
  • Sound pressure level: 102+/-2dB
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Frequency Response: 4 Hz-40KHz
  • Noise Attenuation: 26dB
  • Plug: 3.5mm Gold-Plated
  • Cable Length: 1.20M
  • Weight: 21.8G Package

29 Responses

  1. Alex

    I actually couldnt stand these after purchase.
    The first track i tried (Techno-esque) was amazing, and i thought i had found a pair of IEMs comparable to my favourite (dead) Triple Fi 10.
    Bass was fast, treble actually a little too harsh but not unbearable.

    After this i tried a Muse track. I cant tolerate the sound of the vocals being inside my head. This is the only way i can describe it.
    Everything suddenly sounded on top of each other.

    Comapred to fidue a83 i thought teh a83 was a much better all rounder, but didnt blow any particular music away.
    Unfortunately the dunu therefore arent for me.

    This is a shame as they are exceptional for non vocal music that spans the equaliser.

  2. Dreadurn

    Hello, thank you for perfect review.
    Can you help me plz with my dilema? But I have one dilema between these IEMs and The Orion by camfire. Which one are better for you? I know one are hybrid and second is single. I dont know which choise.
    Thank you ;-)

  3. Mardae

    Thankyou for an awesome review Smit!
    You really sparked my interest regarding the suitability of the 2000j with Jazz genres. You mentioned the pairing with a DX90 worked well. Did your DX90 have rockbox? Is there any need for a headphone amp as well or is the 2000j/dx90 pairing fine as it is?
    Thanks :)

  4. Arsalan

    i need help and a complete answer for the following question:
    How is the DUNU DN 2000j compared to Sennheiser IE 800?

  5. soliman burgos

    I bought Dunu DN-2000j and paired it with Questyle Qp1r HD player, amazing sound, resolution, bass, treble, instruments separation is the best. Thanks Smith Patel for your review of 2000j.

  6. Adam Kim

    Sorry busy over the weekend. Yes, thank you. I recently heard about this IEM called Puro Sound Labs IEM500 and the review sound like they are on the “same” sound signature as the D-2000J. Any way hope all is well and thanks again for the reply.

  7. S. Patel

    I’ve recently written a review of the DUNU Titan 3 and 5 which was pitted against the Fiio’s EX1 (DUNU Titan 1). Can be found on this site.

    The 2000Js have the best technical prowess among DUNUs in ears. I find the DUNU DN 2000 and DUNU Titan 5 to be the most versatile when it comes to recordings as they are the most forgiving. Although the 2000J is great, it can show flaws in recordings very easily so is not great for poorly mastered tracks or lower quality files. Genre wise, the 2000J excels in jazz, classical music and acoustics. The dn 2000 is suited to more music types (including hip hop and bass numbers) because of its bass and smoother response to the dn 2000js.

  8. Adam Kim

    Thanks for the wonderful review. I’m also a big fan of the K3003 but they are just too over priced!! I wonder if you have tried the Flare R2pro? And if you did how is the Dunu D-2000J compared to R2pro and which one do you prefer?

    • S. Patel

      Hi, unfortunately I was unable to try out the R2Pro but looking at Mike’s review it seems that the R2pro is more natural sounding leaning towards a more musical signature as opposed to the the 2000Js more analytically based signature. I think it ultimately depends on your personal tastes. As I can only vouch for the DUNU DN 2000J, I can say that it has outstanding levels of resolution and shares similar properties with the Sennheiser HD800 because of its separation and detailing. Hope this helps a bit.

  9. canali

    great review…thanks
    question: can you run these just from one’s smartphone or apple nano and
    wil they sound good, still vs buying the more $$$ daps you suggested?

    • S. Patel

      Hi Canali,
      The DN-2000Js would still work well with smartphones or an Apple Nano. I would say to get the maximum benefit though, a DAP with a decent DAC would bring about extra width and refinement in treble. However, these are only subtleties I’ve noticed when I compared the iBasso Dx90 with a smartphone device.
      The 2000Js would also serve you very well in the genres you have laid out.

      • canali

        thanks…i auditioned them alongside my sony xba h1…pretty impressed once i did repeat side to side listens…more open and detailed than my sonys.

        one last question, please:
        dunu’s website is not the best to try to understand the diffs between models….and i’ve just read that there is a newer titan 3 and 5 coming out per…and the titan 1 was much lauded….of these 2 series (titan vs 2000) which do you prefer as better quality and more balanced for many genres of music?
        thank you

      • S. Patel

        I’ve recently written a review of the DUNU Titan 3 and 5 which was pitted against the Fiio’s EX1 (DUNU Titan 1). Can be found on site.
        The 2000Js have the best technical prowess among DUNUs in ears. I find the DUNU DN 2000 and DUNU Titan 5 to be the most versatile when it comes to recordings as they are the most forgiving. Although the 2000J is great, it can show flaws in recordings very easily so is not great for poorly mastered tracks or lower quality files. Genre wise, the 2000J excels in jazz, classical music and acoustics. The dn 2000 is suited to more music types because of its bass and relative smoothness.

  10. Miles Jason Romain

    Hi Smit Patel, I’m looking for a significant upgrade to the DN-2000J. I have $500 Canadian. Any ideas ?

  11. Miko Belardo

    I purchased the DN-2000J based on the positive reviews and found this review in particular to be spot on. I am currently enjoying them very much and have found my ideal sound signature thanks to you.

    I find your reviews in general to be candid and insightful. Thanks for your efforts!

    Having said that, do you have any thoughts on what a likely upgrade path would be for someone who enjoys the sound signature of the very capable DN-2000J?

    • S. Patel

      Hi Miko,
      Thank you for the kind comments. Glad that you are enjoying the DN-2000Js; they are a very special IEM indeed.

      In terms of an upgrade path – at this stage, it really comes down to preferences because for certain the DN-2000J is a hell of a capable player. The AKG K3003/i could be considered an upgrade for this type of signature, if you are looking for a better build as well a smoother and more refined treble section. However, the law of diminishing returns would no doubt come into action here, i.e. how much would you be willing to spend for an incremental improvement in one area of the sound spectrum?

      One thing I have come to realise is that in general, I prefer to have a couple of different sets of IEMs to complement different types of music. The DUNU DN-2000J would excel in classical, jazz, acoustics but something like the Heir Audio IEM 8.0, for example, would be better placed in more emotive, macro-dynamic and midrange-focused tracks because of its more analog and open signature. This IEM would also be a good complement for the 2000J because the 2000J can sometimes be strident whereas the Heirs are warmer and more fatigue-free. Though with that said, the Heirs do lack the micro-detail resolution that is such an inherently effective feature of the 2000Js.

      Overall, I’d say that you should be happy with these for being as good as they are and certainly for their price. Yes there are improvements that could be made such as the soundstage, treble dampening, fit and build but for what its worth, the signature is unique and perceptively excellent. Therefore, apart from the AKGs, I would find it hard to tell you a direct upgrade to these for this specific type of signature. DUNU have also supposedly been working on a 4, 5 hybrid driver series touted the DUNU DK-3001 & DUNU DK-4001 respectively. Perhaps this may solve the minor shortcomings the 2000J has and even best the AKG K3003s. Do stay tuned..

      • Miko Belardo

        I like your idea of having different IEMs to complement different music types. Let each IEM play to its strengths and you benefit by enjoying the music presented in the best way. The trick, I think, will be in finding those that are different but still within the range of one’s personal preferences.

        I usually listen at low to moderate volumes. And I found it remarkable how successful the DN-2000J is at bringing out micro-details ‘across the spectrum’ (as you said in a previous comment) even at those levels. As I encounter new IEMs, I will judge them in part on their ability to do this as well. And the DN-2000J will be my benchmark.

        Thanks again!

  12. Miles Jason Romain

    Have you heard the RHA T20 ? Iv been thinking of pairing the dn-2000J or the RHA T20 but not sure which one to pair up with my Dx90

    • S. Patel

      Hi, yes I’ve heard the RHA T20. The RHA T20 is more musical than the DUNU DN-2000J whereas the 2000J lies towards the analytical side of the spectrum. In terms of details, the 2000J clearly wins with great portrayal of micro-details across the spectrum. The T20 I have found though, to be more engaging, on the musical side. I especially like the T20 with the treble filters which help to bring out better treble extension and clarity in the higher frequencies. In terms of bass, the T20 has more quantity but again the DN2000J has better resolution in the bass department.

      It really depends on your tastes. If you prefer your music to show every single detail and resolution to be top notch then go with the DN2000J. If you want better than average level of details and yet a more engagingly tuned sound than go with the T20s.

      • OD Rangel

        Hi! I just discovered your page some days ago. Thanks for your amazing reviews, let me follow this post. What do you think about the shure SE425, do you think they play in the same league and compared with the T20s and DN2000J, which one must be the best buy? Thanks a lot!

      • S. Patel

        Hi OD, I have not listened to the SE425 but Shure tend to place some emphasis on mid-forwardedness whereas with the DN-2000J, they have an ever so slight u-shaped character. I believe the DN2000J is able to compete with the Shure SE846 since it has better resolution, an even tighter bass and better treble extension. The SE846, however, has more depth in its soundstage with more quantity of clean bass. Out of T20 and DN2000J though, I would choose the DN2000J because my personal preference leans towards a more analytical signature where there is a lot of resolution. If you are treble-sensitive though, or particularly want voluminous levels of bass the other two would be the better choices to go for.

  13. Marko

    I am debating if I should buy these or go for ciem (Custom Art Music Two or ei3). What would you suggest?

    • Phil Lee

      I have a LOT of IEMs. I am still waiting for my Lear NS-U1s to arrive, but went ahead and ordered the DN-200Js on Massdrop. I am blown away by these and could not beat the $249 price point. What a deal!

      • headfonics

        The NS-U1s are not bad either actually, interesting concept.

  14. giorgio

    Great review Headfonics! Congrats ;)
    In my humble opinion the dn-2000J IEMs are fantastic… and the amazing bass ring drives me crazy ;)
    I’d like to try them with a Fiio X5 or with the new iBasso dx-80.

  15. flee_glee

    Nice Review.. But one suggestion though, it would be better, if picture match the text/paragraphs.


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