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Westone ES80

Westone ES80 Review

The Westone ES80 is an 8 BA driver custom monitor and part of their “Elite Series” custom-fit, in-ear musicians’ monitor range. Pricing starts at $1899. Disclaimer: The Westone ES80 sent to us for the purposes...
Avara AV3
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Avara AV3 Review

The Avara Custom AV3 is a triple balanced armature custom monitor from Indonesia and priced at a budget-busting $320 (RP4,250,000). Disclaimer: The Avara Custom AV3 was sent to us a sample in exchange for our ...

qdc Gemini Review

The qdc Gemini is an 8 balanced armature driver custom monitor with a 4-way crossover. It is priced from $1715. Disclaimer: The qdc Gemini sent to us is a discounted unit in exchange for our honest opinion. We...
Jomo Audio 6v2 Ciem 712905

The Jomo6 v2 By Jomo Audio

First, feel free to read up on the Jomo 6 & 6R universal review. But then free your mind again, because the Jomo 6 V2 is a completely new design with all new internals. Jomo advertises: "It features six ne...