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Westone ES80

Westone ES80 Review

The Westone ES80 is an 8 BA driver custom monitor and part of their “Elite Series” custom-fit, in-ear musicians’ monitor range. Pricing starts at $1899. Disclaimer: The Westone ES80 sent to us for the purposes...

QDC Gemini Review

Often have I been asked if I am familiar with the Gemini by qdc. It definitely proves to be very popular in the Asian hifi scene, even though it is priced quite high when compared to its national competition. ...
Jomo Audio 6v2 Ciem 712905

The Jomo6 v2 By Jomo Audio

First, feel free to read up on the Jomo 6 & 6R universal review. But then free your mind again, because the Jomo 6 V2 is a completely new design with all new internals. Jomo advertises: "It features six ne...