Bakoon HPA-01M

Bakoon HPA-01M Review

The Bakoon HPA-01M is a new current-mode designed dual output portable analog amplifier. It is priced at $1295. Disclaimer: The Bakoon HPA-01M sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We th...

The Flow by Aurender

Recently there has been a bit of a drive to make the portable amplification and decoding device relevant again in the face of the all-conquering DAP revolution headed by the likes of Astell & Kern, FiiO and...
Questyle CMA800R

Questyle CMA800R Review

The Questyle CMA800R is a single-ended current mode solid-state desktop amplifier with monoblock compatibility. It is priced at $1,499.  Disclaimer: The Questyle CMA800R sent to us is a loan sample in exc...
Audeze 1

The LCD-3 by Audeze

Back in 2010, Hi-Fi audio and Audeze become synonymous with each other, a hand in hand and a brothers in arms sort of thing. Funny now that I think back on it, Audeze is the only company that I've ever known to...
AKG K812

The K812 by AKG

In the darkest, seediest areas of Hi-Fi Audio AKG has waged a secret war. At an eye-popping $1499.99 this K-812 headphone seems like an all-star player. I have a few gripes but for the most part, I enjoy the he...
Hifiman EF6

Hifiman EF6 Review

The Hifiman EF6 is a Class A high-end solid-state desktop amplifier specifically tuned and powered to pair with the HE6 headphones. It is priced at $1599. Disclaimer: The Hifiman EF6 sent to us is a sample in ...