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The On2 Monitor Series By Thinksound

Woodies are a beautiful thing, I think we can all accept that as an Audiophile Law. Thinksound has replaced the original On1 on-ear model with a newer, updated version called the On2. Can this beautiful woody compare to the likes of the rest of the very plenti...
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The Heritage Series GH1 by Grado

Grado is a company based on tradition, first and foremost.  They’ve not really changed much over the past few decades…however and recently, they’ve released a few new models for us to enjoy.  If this is where Grado is heading for the future, sign me up and I’l...
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The ZMF x Vibro and ZMF Blackwood

The Fostex T50RP’s driver never fails to show its versatility. Years back, it showed it shone with some very simple mods with its stock enclosure. Gary Butcher found great success transplanting the driver into a wooden cup and MDF baffle with his Thunderpants,...