Woodies! China’s eSmooth delivers for less than you think

To be honest we are not an environmentally friendly lot us audio nut jobs, and never more so when it comes to our favorite material for headphones, wood!

Thus it didn’t escape my attention that yet another Chinese firm (count them? Nope, me neither) have jumped onto the audio bandwagon with their stunning looking wood encased headphones and IEM’s.

Ok, say’s you, plenty of wood headphones in the market, why do these merit any mention? Well quite apart from the exquisite list of woods used, they are superbly cheap, great to look at and for a few measly dollars it will either give you bragging rights with your plasticly challenged headphone buddies or at worst have an awesome woody DIY project (can anyone say thunderpants??) in the making if you don’t fancy the EQ.

My sample IEM and on-ear just arrived today so give me a few weeks and I will churn something out on them but so far the wood is shiny and pretty and that is just fine with me. The SQ I have no idea just yet, but fingers crossed.

For now I don’t believe they are in the retail domain, looking more like an OEM manufacturer for more recognized brands in the market.

For those who want to explore in the name of science then here are the details:

Esmooth Acoustic Technology .Co.Ltd
Add: Xin He District,WanJiang Town,DongGuan City,GuangDong, China
Tel: +86(769) 2217 7188 22181576 ext.811 Fax: +86(769) 2218 1575
Mobile: +86-13717404695
Website :

Here are a pic of the units I ordered:

Ebony Wood

The wood materials lined up are just to die for:

Ebony Wood
Bamboo Wood
Black Walnut Wood
Bubinga Wood
Chicken wing Wood
Green Sandalwood
Litchi Wood
Maple Wood
Rose Wood

And they make their cans in the following formats which I believe can be customized slightly for your needs though this may affect price I am sure.

In Ear Headphones
On Ear Headphones
Around Ear Headphones
Clip-On Headphones

I can certainly see a market for the casing alone!!

Oh let us not forget the price eh guys? Ranging from about $10 to $15 for the IEM and $20 to $35 for the flagship (looks like a top of the line ATH or AKG).

Now that is a bargain if you ask me.

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