iBasso P5

Ibasso P5 Falcon Review

The iBasso P5 Falcon is a both a portable and desktop dual-stack analog amplifier with a switchable opamp design. It is priced at $529. Disclaimer: The iBasso P5 Falcon was sent to us as a sample in exchange f...

Cypher Labs Sustain84 review

I can never quite tell if Cypher Labs practices soft launches or things just creep up on me with their product line but towards the end of 2015 David and his team got all tubey and launched the portable tube am...
FiiO K1

FiiO K1 Review

The FiiO K1 is a small entry-level dongle DAC/Amp design that works at the end of most OTG Android and iOS Apple devices. It is priced at $39.99. Disclaimer: The FiiO K1 sent to us is a sample in exchange for ...

Airist Audio Heron 5 review

A new player called the Heron 5 has entered the battlefield and I’ve almost no information to share about Airist Audio apart from the fact they are a small team of smart people from the likes of MIT, Harvard to...
DSC 3224

The N4 by Miniwatt

It's Chinese New Year soon and Hong Kong audio specialists have reduced the price on their N4 USB powered DAC/Amp to a very tempting $199 as a special promo so we though we would take a look and see how it perf...
Asgard 1 Schiit 620x266

Schiit Asgard Amp

Oh, Schiit My word processor's auto correct will highlight that one! And no, I did not misspell . It’s the name of a company that sells headphone amplifiers. According to their website, Schiit was started...