FiiO FW5 Review
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FiiO FW5 Review

Wireless Performance

Stability and Range

Yes, I have tried the FW5 both while I’m at my desk and on my bike commute with an iPhone 13 Mini. There were no noticeable drops and lags while using them. They’re perfectly useful for an average active lifestyle that does mix in both office work and occasional workouts. 

FiiO FW5 Review
Copyright FiiO 2023


Equipped with the latest BT technology – Bluetooth 5.2, there was no noticeable latency. Even phone calls are flawless and perfectly blend seamlessly in day-to-day use as an all-in-one solution.

Select Comparisons

Apple AirPods Pro (1st Gen)

$249 -> $159


The FiiO FW5 has a slightly longer battery life with a 7-hour listening time and additional 21 hours from the case while the AirPods Pro only has a 5-hour listening time and additional 20 hours from the case.

AirPods Pro’s connectivity is using Bluetooth 5.0, which is a little outdated compared to FW5’s newer Bluetooth 5.2.

There is not much information about the AirPods driver but the tech specs say it’s a custom high-excursion Apple driver. The FW5 on the other hand has a 10mm DD+2BA hybrid driver.

Apple Airpods Pro


The Apple AirPods Pro has an iconic Apple white packaging with both the buds and case having a white finish. The FiiO FW5 has a black case and black buds with a bluish tint.

The shape of the buds is also very different with the apple having a head with a stem setup while the FW5 has a single bud setup.


The AirPods Pro does give more power on the lower frequencies. The sub-bass hits are more impactful and felt, but only with a small margin.

The AirPods Pro has a more forward midrange than the FiiO FW5. Although, the FW5 sounds more accurate in terms of vocal presentation. The AirPods Pro’s vocals sounded nasal at times when compared side by side with the FW5. The FW5 is more detailed and richer in terms of quality.

The treble extends well on both earbuds. The FiiO FW5 does have a better extension where the guitar strums sound sharper and crisper. The AirPods Pro tends to be conservative and reserved in this aspect.

The soundstage and imaging are superior to the FiiO FW5. The AirPods Pro felt cramped compared to the wide and open sound on the FW5.

Imaging is also far better with the FW5. The separation is far more accurate, where the sound has a more holographic presentation compared to the AirPods Pro.  

MOONDROP Alice Review




The MOONDROP Alice has a far longer listening time of 8 + 40 hours compared to FW5’s 7 + 21 hours. Both have up-to-date Qualcomm chips with the Alice having the QCC515 and the FW5 QCC5141. Both are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2

The FW5 has a hybrid driver configuration with a 10mm dynamic driver and 2 BA Knowles.  The Alice on the other hand has a 10mm ULT Ultra Linear Dynamic Driver with a DLC Diamond-like composite diaphragm.


Both monitors carry a similar design – a case and buds with a single-bud design. They are both very minimal in design.

The main difference between the two is their footprint and color. The FW5 has a smaller case, less than half in size compared to the Alice. Also, the FW5 has a dark bluish matte finish while the Alice has an all-white matte finish.


The FW5 and the Alice have very similar sound signatures. Both have a slight V-shape sound signature. The main difference between the two is the soundstage and clarity.

The FW5 has a noticeably wider soundstage which also provides better overall imaging. FW5 also has a noticeably cleaner presentation. There is less noticeable distortion overall.

In terms of the lower frequencies, both are similar in terms of quantity and quality. Bass notes are there but feel a bit hollow at times.

Both Alice and FW5 have a slightly recessed midrange. Both have a good projection in terms of vocal timbre. Both male and female vocals presented well with a good amount of details and textures.

The treble of both monitors does have good extensions. Both display crips and airy tops, where strums are pronounced and natural.

Zorloo Zophia Review

Zorloo Zophia



The battery life of the two is fairly similar – the Zophia with 5 hours plus an additional 20 hours in the cradle and the FW5 with a 7 hours and 21 hours playtime equivalent. Both have a relatively up-to-date Qualcomm chip equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology.

The Zophia has a single 6mm dynamic driver configuration while the FW5 has a hybrid 10mm DD and 2 BA driver configuration.


The Zophia and FW5 are very similar in terms of footprint. Both have similar-sized cradles while the FW5 has slightly bigger earbuds.

They are also designed to have a dark palette, with the Zorloo Zophia having a matte black case and glossy bluish earbuds and the FiiO FW5 having a matte black bluish case and earbuds. 


The lows on the Zophia are in quantity but at around the same quality. Both feel a bit hollow in terms of overall presentation. Both do display the mid-bass pretty well with each note distinct and recognizable.

The midrange on the Zophia is more forward than the FW5. The FW5 does better in terms of clarity than the Zophia tends to have a veil on the instrumentals. FW5 does a good job of presenting both vocals and instrumentals even with busy tracks.

Both have a relatively bright tuning but are not overly fatiguing. However, the FW5 has a better treble extension than the Zophia. Guitar strums tend to sound rounded at times with the Zophia. FW5 has an overall airier top and better treble presentation.

The soundstage on the Zophia is on the narrow side. The FW5’s soundstage is wider compared to the Zophia. Imaging on the FW5 is also better than the Zophia tends to sound monodirectional with the sound stacked more vertically than horizontally.

FiiO FW5 Review

Our Verdict

The FiiO FW5 is the first fully integrated TWS earphone from FiiO. Right off the bat, it’s clear that this is not rushed. The overall package is well thought off with easy-to-use software and little to no bugs in the overall experience.

One thing clear from the FiiO FW5 is that it’s a wireless setup designed for audiophiles where sound quality trumps anything else. However, at the price of $149.99, I would expect more features such as ANC and a higher waterproof rating for a TWS.

However, I still believe this is worth the money as it’s a really good wireless replacement for a wired setup. The soundstage, imaging, and clarity on these are far superior to what’s currently in the market.

FiiO FW5 Technical Specifications

  • Configuration: QCC5141+AK4332
  • Acoustic setup: 1 Dynamic 2 BA
  • BA drivers: Knowles RAD
  • Dynamic driver: 10mm DLC diaphragm + PU gasket
  • Bluetooth: 5.2
  • Frequency response: 20-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108dB/mW (@ 1kHz)
  • Impedance: 320+20%(@1kHz)
  • Charging time: For charging case about 1h40min
  • Battery life: About 7h (ear unit) + 14h (charging case)
  • Battery capacity: Ear unit: 65mAh;
  • Charging case: 380mAh Ear unit weight: About 6.4g
  • Total weight: About 57.2g
  • Ear unit dimensions: About 28.4×22.9×22.6mm
  • Charging case dimensions: About 68.4×43.9×32.3mm

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