Ucotech ES-P1
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Ucotech ES-P1 Review

The Ucotech ES-P1 is a premium MMCX earbud design using a 'Double Dome' dynamic driver diaphragm and 2.5mm TRRS balanced options. It is priced at $400. Disclaimer: The Ucotech ES-P1 was sent to us a sample in ...
Fostex TH909
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Fostex TH909 Review

The Fostex TH909 is an open-back dynamic driver flagship headphone derived from the original TH900MK2 sound signature. It is priced at $1799. Disclaimer: The Fostex TH909 sent to us is a sample in exchange for...
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BGVP EST8 Review

The BGVP EST8 is the latest sub-flagship IEM from BGVP, housing 2 Sonion electrostatic drivers and 6 balanced armatures under its cover. It is priced at $779. Disclaimer: The BGVP EST8 is sent to us is a sampl...
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FiiO EH3 NC Review

The FiiO EH3 NC is the company's debut active noise canceling closed-back wireless headphones with LDAC and aptX-HD capability. It retails for $199.99 Disclaimer: The FiiO EH3 NC sent to us is a sample in exch...
Cayin E01
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Cayin E01 Review

The Cayin E01 Motherboard is the third module released for Cayin’s new N6ii DAP featuring a dual operational mode Class A and Class AB amp circuit design and an ES9038PRO DAC. It is priced at $419. Disclaimer:...