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The EM3 By FiiO

Ok so remember that "throwaway" earbud with the excellent budget FiiO M3 DAP I paid not too much attention to in the M3 review? Well its back as a FiiO product in its own right, well sort of. With some upgrades, FiiO has finally launched their first wholly des...
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The RM1 By FiiO

The FiiO RM1 is one of the more unusual and device specific FiiO products and sells for just $17.99. I say unusual in the sense that it doesn't have any audio capabilities being instead a Bluetooth remote control which works with a wide range of Bluetooth spec...
Front Door Of The Office

FiiO – 9 Years of Kindness To Your Wallet

I often hear that term, "sorry for your wallet" in audiophile circles. It is long since accepted that this faux-apology is a very close bedfellow to the acronym "G.A.S." gear acquisition syndrome" and come to signify that endless crusade to find your very own ...
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The A1 By FiiO

The is the second time we reviewed an A1 from FiiO only this time they switched the "A1" tag from a budget class-D speaker amp they launched in 2011 and stuck it on the latest generation of the old E6 micro amp launched also in mid-2011. The E6 in turn was an ...
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The X7 AM2 Module By FiiO

There was always going to be a part 2 and part 3 and so forth with the FiiO X7 DAP given its modular amping system and generally long shelf life road map planned from the start. I was wary initially of the possible total cost of ownership of the X7 given Hifim...
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The M3 DAP By FiiO

There are a lot of FiiO Dap's out right now in the market. The X range and the 2nd Gen X Range with the X1 and X3ii being the smallest and cheapest among them. I wrote a while ago that I thought the X1 was good value but it faced stiff competition on various f...
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The X7 DAP by FiiO

Never did I think I would be tagging a FiiO product in the $500-$1000 category, but here it is, the much hyped and now very real FiiO X7 flagship DAP. There are 450 pages on Head-fi alone covering the X7 and the darn thing was not even out in the market when I...
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The E17k Alpen 2 DAC by FiiO

It is not all about the DAP's with FiiO you know. Lest we forget FiiO cut their teeth in the audiophile with cracking little budget amps and DACs such as the original E7 and the revised E17 AMP/DAC. These starter units garnered quite a following and came out a...
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The X3 Gen 2 DAP by FiiO

By pure luck the local demo tour of the new FiiO X3 2nd Gen was happening when I started this review so I was able to bring in Bryan Co from our local chapter to throw in his thoughts also so in effect we have a dual review. You will find Bryan's comments eith...
FiiO X1
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The X1 DAP by FiiO

The recent launch of the X1 by FiiO sort of completes the "Holy Trinity" of FiiO digital audio players with the existing but slightly aged mid-level X3 and their flagship X5 DAP receiving largely positive praise and selling pretty strongly to date. Both have b...

The FiiO E17 – “The Alpen”

With the phenomenal rate FiiO keep churning out budget audio hits over the last 2 years you might be forgiven for getting lost in all the E's and D's yet somehow they still seem to find a niche or new ground for a new product that has us all say "Well that mak...
June 11 Meet

Headfonics Official Launch June 11th 2011

Headfonics as an idea started last year with some musings on article writing from the old hacks out of www.headphiles.org and how we could reach out to our audience past, present and new with our passion about audio as well as bring the guys and gals who made ...
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Fiio’s new lineup for 2011/12

Fiio for this year have begun to think outside the box and by the look of their new product range coming out this summer and beyond I would hazard a guess that their R&D is being seriously beefed up. After the winning combination of last year's E9 and E7 am...
Fiio 600w

Fiio Joins Headfonics!

When I built this site I wanted to reach out to significant manufacturing brands in the mobile audio world that would be of interest to our viewers, readers and our massive headphile forum community so I am very pleased to announce today a formal partnership w...