Solid State

Burson Fun & Bang

Burson Fun & Bang Review

The Burson Fun and Burson Bang are a set of new compact headphone and power amps ideal for near-field speaker and PC solutions. They are priced from $299. Disclaimer: The Burson Fun & Play sent to us are s...
Xi Audio Formula S

Xi Audio Formula S Review

The Xi Audio Formula S is a brand new top of the line solid-state headphone amplifier price at $3499. Disclaimer: The Xi Audio Formula S sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have...

Samson QH4 Review

The Samson QH4 is a multi-output solid-state amplifier. The outputs are not wired in parallel for consistent performance under multiple jack loads. It is priced at $69.99 Disclaimer: The Samson QH4 sent to us ...
FiiO K5

FiiO K5 Review

The FiiO K5 is the company’s latest version of their all in one dockable DAC and integrated desktop amplifier for their X-range DAPs. It is priced at $110. Disclaimer: The FiiO K5 sent to us is a sample in e...