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Solid State

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The HA-1 by Oppo

Oppo's recent achievement in the audio universe has not gone unnoticed. I am almost certain they've made most other audio brands duck and run for cover, give up their lunch money and require a hall monitor to e...
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The N4 by Miniwatt

It's Chinese New Year soon and Hong Kong audio specialists have reduced the price on their N4 USB powered DAC/Amp to a very tempting $199 as a special promo so we though we would take a look and see how it perf...
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The EF6 from Hifiman

What's in a single number change? Moving from 5 to 6 should be an evolution of sorts, I mean the EF5 was a pretty powerful little tube amp that packed about 2.5W per channel and took little or no space in 2011....
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AT-HA40USB by Audio Technica

The AT-HA40USB is a 'newish' tiny USB powered DAC/AMP from Audio Technica in the same vein (and more or less the same size) as the Nuforce Icon uDAC which has been hanging around for years in one iteration or a...
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The Rein Audio X-Phone

Rein Audio are relatively new to the audiophile market but have produced some well received products including the X-DAC which by all accounts was full of win but I have yet to try that one myself. For a while ...