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The Rein Audio X-Phone

Rein Audio are relatively new to the audiophile market but have produced some well received products including the X-DAC which by all accounts was full of win but I have yet to try that one myself. For a while ...

ALO Audio The Pan Am Review

The ALO Audio Pan Am is a 3-component stackable tube amp, DAC and dedicated line conditioning power unit system. It is priced at $599. Disclaimer: The ALO Audio Pan Am was sent to us as a loan sample in exchan...
Bravo Audio Ocean

Bravo Audio V3 & Ocean Review

I am a sucker for little tube amps and long since I got into this little addictive hobby there has always been a headphone tube somewhere so it comes as no surprise then when I received the V3 and the Ocean fro...
Bravo Audio Tube amp

Bravo Audio The V1 & 2 Review

I am always on the lookout for good sounding budget-friendly amps and the Bravo Amps have been on my sites for a few months now. Since just a few days ago, I have been listening to not just one but two variatio...
Superlux HA3D

Superlux HA3D Review

The Superlux HA3D is a robust transportable headphone amplifier with balanced input and multiple outputs and battery capable. It is priced at £77. Disclaimer: The Superlux HA3D sent to us is a sample in exch...
Asgard 1 Schiit 620x266

Schiit Asgard Amp

Oh, Schiit My word processor's auto correct will highlight that one! And no, I did not misspell . It’s the name of a company that sells headphone amplifiers. According to their website, Schiit was started...