FiiO K5

FiiO K5 Review

The FiiO K5 is the company’s latest version of their all in one dockable DAC and integrated desktop amplifier for their X-range DAPs. It is priced at $110. Disclaimer: The FiiO K5 sent to us is a sample in e...

Cypher Labs Sustain84 review

I can never quite tell if Cypher Labs practices soft launches or things just creep up on me with their product line but towards the end of 2015 David and his team got all tubey and launched the portable tube am...

The Liquid Lightning 2 by Cavalli

Before we start, I would like to thank Alex for his immeasurable contributions to the audio world, as well as for investing complete trust in me as a reviewer to honestly transpose my impressions on his product...
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The HA-1 by Oppo

Oppo's recent achievement in the audio universe has not gone unnoticed. I am almost certain they've made most other audio brands duck and run for cover, give up their lunch money and require a hall monitor to e...
Questyle CMA800R

Questyle CMA800R Review

The Questyle CMA800R is a single-ended current mode solid-state desktop amplifier with monoblock compatibility. It is priced at $1,499.  Disclaimer: The Questyle CMA800R sent to us is a loan sample in exc...
Hifiman EF6

Hifiman EF6 Review

The Hifiman EF6 is a Class A high-end solid-state desktop amplifier specifically tuned and powered to pair with the HE6 headphones. It is priced at $1599. Disclaimer: The Hifiman EF6 sent to us is a sample in ...
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The PA-10.1D Tube Amp by Trends Audio

I have been seeing a lot of aggressive marketing from Trends Audio over the last year or 2 so it was only logical that we would bump into each other eventually and sure enough David Ho of Trends Audio HK kindly...

The Soloist by Burson Audio

I have to admit that the first things that struck me about the Burson Soloist were the finish and the weight. The latter I noticed even before I opened the box, given how heavy it was, and I didn't realize how ...
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The Rein Audio X-Phone

Rein Audio are relatively new to the audiophile market but have produced some well received products including the X-DAC which by all accounts was full of win but I have yet to try that one myself. For a while ...