RIVA Arena
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RIVA Arena Wireless Speaker Review

Disclaimer: The RIVA ARENA was sent to us a sample in exchange for our honest opinion and does not have to be returned. Riva is not a site advertiser or affiliated with Headfonics. We thank the team at RIVA for giving us this opportunity. I have recently co...
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Massdrop x JBL LSR30X Powered Speakers Review

I was always a Speakerphile in my younger days. I recall coming home from school and turning on my Pioneer towers that my grandpa gave me and upsetting the neighbors by blasting the Rocky II vinyl album on repeat...ha. Today, we will be listening to and ratin...
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The HDP6 Passive Speakers By Audioengine

Surprise! I enjoy speakers more than headphones...usually. Despite my self-proclaimed hefty experience in the headphone world as a reviewer, my humble beginnings started with high-end speakers. Most of my experience in the Audio universe revolves around said s...
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The SP One Active Speakers By Celsus Sound

I used to be a speakers guy about 20 years ago and went through the same GAS-induced ritual many of us did back in the day to keep up with the advent of CD, DVD than Blu-Ray. I stopped at 5.1 before converting back to 2.1 and headphones. Before moving countrie...
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Sommeliers Speakers By Kvart-Bolge 

Kvart-Bolge is a relatively new company that fashioned their Sommeliers speakers from the building blocks of DIY’er frustrations.   After decades of pouting by speaker enthusiasts, famed Bjorn Johannesen (a popular designer and pioneer of modern Quarter Wave a...