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The 99 Neo By Meze

The 99 Classic we reviewed last year came out of nowhere to be perhaps the 2016 sleeper hit in terms of enjoyable headphones. It sounded great, looked the part and had a price tag that was more than reasonable in today's inflated market. We scored it an 8.3 a...
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The Ether C Flow By MrSpeakers

Change can sometimes be evolutionary and yet dramatic at the same time. However, when MrSpeakers suggested I upgrade my "Writer's choice of 2015" Ether C headphone to the new $1799 Flow edition citing a major (read dramatic) enhancement to the sound plus a bra...
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The MDR-XB1000 By Sony

Does anyone else remember a time when mid tier dynamic driver headphones were intended for musicality and fun factor with a nice-forward mid range, instead of V-shaped sound signature that is neutral prone or accurate in tone?  I feel like that era of joy came...
Sony Z7 Title
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The MDR-Z7 by Sony

Late 2014 through mid-2015 was the Age of Sony.  Seemingly, those big wigs over at Sony HQ seem to have tossed great sounding headphones through our windows all too often, startling our dogs and cats into a panic...well, not so much the cats.   I've struggled ...
Headfonics Msr Cover
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The ATH MSR7 By Audio Technica

Audio Technica has been in the headphone business for so long and they’re well known to create products that provides a lot of value. This time, they’re trying to do something new and that is incorporating the popular gold shiny “High-Res” seal often found wit...
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The ATH-M50X By Audio Technica

Audio Technica has been rolling out the “X” series for around a year or so which basically means old classics have been given a bit of a facelift and some tuning to keep them relevant in the face of some pretty stiff competition. No more so than the portable h...

The ATH-A900X LTD by Audio Technica

Audio Technica have quite the habit of releasing "Limited Editions" down through the years with some hit and misses and some retaining value and others bombing. My last LTD review was the exquisite looking flagship W3000ANV in 2012. I remember at the time stat...

Sennheiser Amperior – The upgraded HD25?

There are a heck of a lot of headphones in the Sennheiser range, almost Nokia type proportions but there are some classics that stand the test of time and one of them was and still is the HD25-1 II. Revered for its form and function in the professional DJ circ...