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Elysian Acoustic Labs DIVA 2023 Review



The DIVA 2023 has an impedance rating of 4Ω which seems quite efficient for an all-BA set. However, it does take a bit of raw power to drive properly where I found the IEMs to really come alive when there was that extra bit of juice being pumped into them.

Even on medium gain and 4.4mm balanced output, you will also find yourself setting the volume level a bit higher than usual in order to achieve optimal performance levels. During testing, it was usual to set the volume 5-8 clicks higher than usual.

The DIVA 2023 has a sensitivity rating of 100dB @ 1khz. When paired with multiple DAPs and dongles, it produced a pitch-black background where there was no unwanted hissing or idle noise.


Overall, the DIVA 2023 pairs well with most sources, and your choice of source will depend on your own tonal preferences within timbre and mid-range.

With this in mind, it paired best with sources that had neutral timbre coloration and those which swayed away from the warm side of things. This is because it allowed the DIVA 2023 to really showcase its own timbre and to display its 3 different tunings in its original form.

The following pairing analysis was made with the DIVA 2023’s white bass setting or default tuning mode.

Elysian Acoustic Labs DIVA 2023 paired with Cayin N6ii Ti 2

DAP Pairings

During testing, the DIVA 2023 was paired up with the Cayin N8ii and Cayin N6ii Ti.

The Cayin N8ii is the more neutral DAP of the two with its ROHM chip set compared to the N6ii Ti which has R2R technology on board. With P+ mode, medium gain, and solid-state mode activated, the Cayin N8ii produced a forward center to upper mid-range with wider and deeper soundstage and imaging capabilities.

Furthermore, there was noticeably more weight and thickness to mid-bass to center mid-range notes which is most likely a result of the extra power from the “P+” mode. The P+ mode or added power synergizes well with DIVA 2023 as it provides sufficient energy for the DIVA’s normal and high bass setting modes.

With this in mind, the Cayin N8ii was my preferred pairing as it produced the most dynamic and engaging sound with the DIVA.

The Cayin N6ii Ti was a very good pairing as well as it came off with a warmer timbre and showcased a lush midrange similar to the N8ii but with smoother edges over musical notes produced within the center to upper mid-range.

Elysian Acoustic Labs DIVA 2023 paired with Cayin RU7

Dongle Pairings

The DIVA 2023 was paired up with the well-known dongles of the Questyle M15 and the Cayin RU7. For simplicity, the dongles were paired with an Android phone and laptop for the review.

The Cayin RU7 is one of the most technical and sonically superb dongles currently available and it was an excellent pairing with the DIVA 2023. The RU7 has a neutral timbre with a slight emphasis to the mid-bass and upper midrange which allowed the DIVA 2023’s bass and mid-range to really shine.

The mids were simply sublime with lots of detail which was supported by a large and deep soundstage. The sub-bass had tonnes of rumble and the mid-bass slam was tactile.

The M15 was a very good pairing with the DIVA 2023 as it too has more of a neutral tonality which allowed the DIVA’s midrange to come through. It did, however, not have as much bass emphasis as the RU7 which may suit those wanting more of a vocal focussed listening session.

Select Comparisons

The following comparisons were made with the IEM’s stock ear tips, cable, and the Cayin N8ii as the source. Unless stated otherwise, the DIVA 2023 was set to the white or default tuning.

Oriolus Mellianus


The Oriolus Mellianus has a similar composition to the DIVA 2023 where they both are pure BA sets except for the fact that the Mellianus features a whopping 10 balanced armatures.

That is 4 more BA drivers compared to the DIVA 2023 which was probably a decision from Oriolus to have more drivers to deal with each of the main frequency response areas such as the sub-bass, mid-bass, mid-range, and treble.

The Mellianus is a traditional BA IEM set and does not feature a 3-way rotary bass switch present in the DIVA.

The Mellianus has an impedance rating of 36Ω which is higher than that of the DIVA 2023 which comes in at 4Ω. However, the Mellianus is easier to drive which is due to the absence of the rotary bass switch.

Both IEMs definitely benefit from the additional power settings from DAPs or its source which allows them to perform at their optimal levels. 

Oriolus Mellianus


The Mellianus features a clear IEM shell which is topped with a silver faceplate. The Mellianus has a more unstated and simpler look compared to the DIVA 2023 which has more sparkle and color.

The size of the Mellianus IEM shells is much smaller, whereas the DIVA 2023 is much larger due to the in-built rotary bass switch.

The Mellianus comes with a silver cable made from PW Audio and has a 4.4mm balanced output. The cable features 4-wires and has a slightly thinner gauge compared to the Ares S on the DIVA. Both stock cables have similar suppleness and flexibility which are comfortable to use.


The Oriolus Mellianus has a mid-range focused tuning where the lower to upper mid-range is the most forward of the overall sound frequency response. The sub-bass and mid-bass are subdued where they are not as pronounced or forward.

The DIVA 2023 has more elevation within both the sub and mid-bass so it digs deeper and seemingly mid-forward with more slam but also more decay. The mid-bass on the Mellianus does have a slight elevation however it comes off as faster and punchier compared to the DIVA 2023.

The mid-range presentation between the two IEMs is very similar with center to upper mid-range are the focal points. Vocals and instruments are at the forefront and are presented with a high level of detail and quality.

The lower mid-range on the Mellianus is more forward sounding compared to the DIVA 2023 which also leads to a thinner and airier presentation in comparison. Both IEMs have a similar timbre which is slightly warm.

The treble on the Mellianus has more sparkle with ample amounts of detail compared to the DIVA 2023 which has less sparkle or a neutral treble presentation. Treble extension from both IEMs is similar.

Soundstage-wise, the Mellianus has a wide soundstage with a decent level of depth. The DIVA 2023 has similar width but more depth. As such, the DIVA 2023 has a more spherical soundstage compared to the Mellianus which is more of an oval shape.

Imaging capabilities are excellent on both IEMs however the DIVA 2023 benefits from the extra depth of the soundstage to better position instruments and vocals.

Empire Ears Legend EVO


The Empire Ears Legend EVO has a complex setup and features 1 Weapon X bone conduction driver, 2 dynamic drivers, and 5 balanced armatures.

This configuration follows a hybrid set up which is different from the DIVA 2023’s linear, all-BA set. The Legend EVO features bone conduction technology which helps with the mind’s perception of a more tactile bass sound coming through.

Empire Ears Legend EVO


The Legend EVO comes in a jet-black shell and faceplate where the words “EVO” and the Empire Ears wings logo sit on top of the left and right faceplates respectively.

The design of the Legend EVO is much simpler compared to the DIVA 2023 which has more sparkle and flare. For those of you who have tested or own the Legend EVO, you may think that the Legend EVO’s shells are large. However, the DIVA 2023’s IEM shells are slightly larger than the Legend EVO both in length and width.

The Legend EVO comes with a pure copper cable made by PW Audio and features 4-wires and 24 AWG gauging which is similar to the Ares S that is supplied with the DIVA 2023.


The DIVA 2023 rotary switch was tweaked to set it at the blue or elevated bass tuning mode for this comparison.

The Legend EVO sub-bass and mid-bass are very far forward in the overall sound frequency response. The sub-bass digs deep and the mid-bass rumble is so tactile that the reverb starts to feel very real.

The DIVA 2023 has a similar sub-bass response and depth as the Legend EVO however the mid-bass is slightly dialed back in comparison to the Legend EVO.

Don’t be fooled, the DIVA’s mid-bass slams very hard and provides a lot of rumble however, it is just not as far forward or pronounced. The mid-bass on the Legend EVO has more slam and is much slower to decay.

The mid-range on the Legend EVO focuses on pushing the lower and center mid-range forward which is slightly different to the DIVA 2023 which pushes the center to upper mid-range forward.

Coupled with the lower mid-bass presence, the DIVA’s mid-range comes off as more forward compared to the Legend EVO. Mid-range notes have more definition and refinement on the DIVA 2023 as the lesser mid-bass presence allows the DIVA’s midrange to push through with more ease.

The Legend EVO treble is a bit darker compared to the DIVA whose treble extension has more finesse providing a crispier finish to it.

The soundstage on the Legend EVO is very wide and deep. However, the DIVA’s soundstage is just as wide and even deeper compared to the Legend EVO with a more spherical soundstage and enhanced imaging.

Elysian Acoustic Labs DIVA 2023 retail box

Our Verdict

Known as the “Songstress”, the Elysian Acoustic Labs DIVA 2023 is a gem. The mid-range of the DIVA 2023 is simply a divine showcase of how a mid-range should be tuned with its lush, detailed, and smooth presentation.

Armed with a 3-way rotary bass switch, it has the ability to make on-the-go changes to its bass tuning which results in an elevated, recessed, or normal bass response.

As a result, the DIVA 2023 gains 3 different tunings and becomes one of the most adaptable IEMs currently on the market.

Elysian Acoustic Labs DIVA 2023 Technical Specifications

  • 6 Balanced Armature Drivers
  • 4-way Crossover
  • 3-way bass rotating switch
  • Frequency response 20hz-18khz
  • Sensitivity 100db @ 100mV @ 1khz
  • Impedance 4ohms @ 1khz

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