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The M DAP by Calyx

This South Korean company burst onto the scene recently with their beast of a DAP, puffing their chests and boasting impressive DSD capabilities and high driving output power in a portable music player for us a...

Cozoy Astrapi Review

The Cozoy Astrapi is a small USB/DAC portable dongle designed to work with iOS and Android using OTG. It is priced at $129.90. Disclaimer: The Cozoy Astrapi sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest op...
MrSpeakers Ether

MrSpeakers Ether Review

The MrSpeakers Ether is the next generation open-back planar magnetic flagship headphone weighing in at just 370g. Priced at $999.99 Disclaimer: The MrSpeakers Ether sent to us is a sample in exchange for ou...
Sony Z7 Title
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The MDR-Z7 by Sony

Late 2014 through mid-2015 was the Age of Sony.  Seemingly, those big wigs over at Sony HQ seem to have tossed great sounding headphones through our windows all too often, startling our dogs and cats into a pan...
Sony MDR1R

The MDR1R from Sony

Since its original release, Sony has updated this headphone with the $299 MDR-1A.  Despite the difference in price tags, the 1R is still a monstrous deal in terms of price to performance. Sony is still selling ...

The A17 DAP By Sony

Sony recently launched a whole plethora of DAP's to the market in 2014 and 2015 show no signs of changing despite the shocking news that they are pulling out of audio and video markets shortly. The Sony NWZ-A17...

The ESW9-LTD Headphone by Audio Technica

Well, good on Audio Technica for trying to better one of their long discontinued headphones and actually succeeding. Fans of the ATH house sound are going to feel right as rain with the new $400 limited edition...
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The Urbanite On-Ear by Sennheiser

The new Sennheiser Urbanite was released a few months ago and we took time out to see how Sennheiser has been slowly evolving their more consumer orientated headphone range after the well received Momentum . Th...