HiBy R2
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HiBy R2 Review

The HiBy R2 is an entry-level DAP featuring a Linux OS, bitperfect decoding, MQA, and an ES9218 DAC capable of up to 32BIT/384kHz and DSD128 decoding....
HiBy R8
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HiBy R8 Review

The HiBy R8 is a new flagship DAP featuring Android 9, a dual AK4497 DAC implementation, MQA 16X, and up to 1W of output power. It is priced at $1899....
Hidizs AP80 Pro
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Hidizs AP80 Pro Review

The Hidizs AP80 Pro is an upgraded version of the company’s entry-level AP80 digital audio player featuring a Dual-DAC ES9218 chipset. It is currently...
iBasso DX220 MAX
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iBasso DX220 MAX Review

The iBasso DX220 MAX is a unique transportable media player based on the DX220 ES9028PRO chipset but with a separate analog controlled amplification d...
AAW Aoraki
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AAW Aoraki Review

The AAW Aoraki is a new in-house IEM cable design consisting of a 24AWG monocrystalline silver/gold/palladium conductor with pure platinum core, UPOCC...