You could be forgiven for thinking the new X edition of the TMA-1 by Aiaiai is more of the same but in actual fact at $120 the X edition is a much more modern sounding headphone than the older TMA-1 and displays a high degree of flexibility that might just feel like a more attractive option to the “pick up and go” headphone wearing igadget generation.

Aiaiai had a stab at this before with the Capital but it didn’t have quite the same impact and complaints about the impossible seal and disjointed sound kept the Capital forever lurking in the TMA-1 shadow. Bringing the look and name down to this price point feels more likely to succeed and certainly the X edition, from afar, looks like the twin of the TMA-1.

So are we getting a good deal or a budget TMA-1?

Click on page 2 for build and fit impressions..

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  • lotusbloom

    Seems like a half baked project from AiAiAi. I was a bit disappointed. The cheaper price may actually be a more expensive expenditure in the long run, having no velvet pouch and a lousy, non-detachable shallow foam pads that deteriorates rather quickly. I can actually picture the sound already with those pads in mind; the same trebly feel of the original model with the foam pads on. I bet it would sound the same with the normal synthetic leather pads of the original in any case. Thanks, but no thanks…