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FIDUE A85 Virgo Review

Hybrids are a theme with Fidue and the A85 Virgo is no exception to that theme. Our first Fidue review was way back in mid-2014 with the A83 which I found quite alright actually with a top-heavy sound signature fitting for treble heads.  I am also still a mas...
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The New Primacy By Oriveti

It has almost been exactly a year since we reviewed the original hybrid Primacy from Chinese manufacturers, Oriveti and since then it's largely been a critical success with its musical but relaxed tuning, slick packaging, and aesthetically pleasing build. Sin...
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The ODS-1 By Aëdle

For me, Aëdle is to audio product packaging in the same way Jean Paul Gaultier is to mid-tier crafty and eye-catching Eau de Toilette designs. There is nothing bland about what Aëdle do when it comes to packing almost as an art form and the $360 ODS-1 hybrid ...
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The Austru By Cypher Labs

The $799 Austru by Cypher Labs is their second major IEM release and is positioned a step higher than the previous C6IEM v1 and v2 triple driver IEMs which we reviewed almost 2 years ago. At the time the C6IEM represented a confident, if somewhat colored, for...
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The IT03 By iBasso

iBasso have this knack of churning out new products without much initial fanfare and slowly but surely it sort of just creeps into the audiophile consciousness before suddenly it becomes a cult hit or a reference product. Of late their DAPs have bucked that tr...
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The A91 Sirius By Fidue

I have reviewed a few Fidue IEMs in the last year or two from the super cheap A65 to the mid-fi and pretty good hybrid A83 which was priced at $350. The A83 was a technically excellent hybrid IEM for treble heads and detail freaks with a few quirks and fit iss...
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The Martian By Unique Melody

I remember the first time I popped a universal Unique Melody IEM into my ears in mid-2011 and wow, I was blown away by the soundstage, the bass performance and the clarity of sound. Until then I was not convinced IEM's had what it takes to compete with headpho...
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The DN-2002 By DUNU

With a grand following of customers, DUNU has allowed themselves to test the market with a plethora of products. Most of which have been the result of innovation and novel technologies in an already saturated marketplace. Fortunately, critics and consumers ali...
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The Alpha 1 IEM by DUNU

With many repeated formulas in the world of audio, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish and even get excited about certain similar sounding listening gear. Thus, when DUNU unveil a new and unprecedented concept from out of the blue, it undoubtedly offers a ...