Fostex TM2

Fostex TM2 Review

The Fostex TM2 TWS is a unique modular true wireless receiver that uses detachable drivers as well as being compatible with regular earphones. It is priced at £269. Disclaimer: The Fostex TM2 True Wireless sen...
Fostex TH909

Fostex TH909 Review

The Fostex TH909 is an open-back dynamic driver flagship headphone derived from the original TH900MK2 sound signature. It is priced at $1799. Disclaimer: The Fostex TH909 sent to us is a sample in exchange for...

The TH500RP by Fostex

The surge in portable listening in the past decade has encouraged manufacturers to work around the clock to refine more premium concepts in more affordable packages. The latest of such trends has been to incorp...

The ZMF x Vibro and ZMF Blackwood

The Fostex T50RP’s driver never fails to show its versatility. Years back, it showed it shone with some very simple mods with its stock enclosure. Gary Butcher found great success transplanting the driver into ...