Empire Ears Nemesis

Empire Ears Nemesis Review

A while back, I sent some molds into Empire Ears for review in a model that I didn't know what would be coming back to me. It was a surprise. I was happy to receive back the Nemesis a time later and begin the review process on a solid custom IEM. It has been a...
Westone ES80

Westone ES80 Review

Disclaimer: The Westone ES80 sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned. Thank you to Westone for giving us this opportunity. You can read more about Westone on Headfonics here. Westone reached out to us this su...
Avara AV3
8.9Our Score

Avara AV3 Review

Disclaimer: The Avara Custom AV3 was sent to us a sample in exchange for our honest opinion and does not have to be returned. We thank the team at Avara Custom for giving us this opportunity. Price can sometimes be a relative friend or foe in the audiophile h...
Custom Art

Business In Audio: Custom Art

Our Business In Audio series is a set of interviews where we delve into the challenges of growing and developing a company in today's audio market and economy. This is a slightly different slant to the usual product focused discussions. Here we are more focuse...
9Our Score

Custom Art FIBAE 3 Review

Disclaimer: This Custom Art FIBAE 3 sample was sent to us for the purposes of this review and does not have to be returned. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Custom Art's FIBAE family is growing! In the last 6 months we have reviewed the FIBAE 1 and F...
8.9Our Score

Custom Art FIBAE 2 Review

There were a few IEMs that caught my "ear" at CanJam Singapore 2017 at relatively affordable levels. The first was the Nightingale YK1 from Vietnam that we reviewed in mid-2017. The second memorable choice was the FIBAE 2 from Custom Art. At the time the ide...
9.3Our Score

Unique Melody Mason V3 Review

Unique Melody has been extremely proactive in the last 12-18 months with a re-tuned version of just about every CIEM in their lineup including new editions such as the ME.1 The recently announced Mason V3, priced at $2699, is part of a big dual combo launch wh...
Lime Ears Model X
8.9Our Score

Lime Ears Model X Review

Lime Ears is a new name to Headfonics though a lot of us here are well aware of their products and the recent success of their excellent Aether. Owned and managed by Emil Stołecki, they hail out of Poland and have been in business for 5 years. They have 4 pro...
8.8Our Score

Custom Art FIBAE 1 Review

I am a firm admirer of Custom Art's approach to CIEM designs. They either do something unusual or cutting-edge such as silicone molded 8 driver models like the Harmony 8.2 or they price point on a very competitive basis. The new FIBAE 1 is no different in that...

The VE8 By Vision Ears

It has been almost 2 years since we last reviewed a Vision Ears CIEM, that being the VE5 and 6 months beforehand the awesome VE6 XControl which held the top spot in our reviews rankings until 2016. Both of these IEMs took our wholehearted attention for nailin...

The A18 Tzar By 64 Audio

I have consistently said that driver count in a BA design IEM should never be the final arbiter of what constitutes good sound quality and there are some fine examples of that caution with the splendid 5-driver Campfire Andromeda springing to mind. However, t...

The NF6i by NF Audio

NF Audio might not ring a bell yet. As of now, Chinese CIEM brands are not quite popular in the international hifi scene. But NF is hoping to change all that. 宁梵 Ning Fan is the first Chinese CIEM manufacturer to trigger my interest. The company was only foun...
Title 3

The SK1 By Soranik

SE Asia is fast becoming an epicenter for quality IEM and customs companies but even so, IEM maker brand label Soranik came as a surprise to me late last year because of their SE Asian origin, Vietnam. This is not the typical country for audio manufacturers. A...

The A6 By 64 Audio

For many years and through a fair few product branding changes the number 6 in the 64 Audio lineup always seemed to represent a type of reference sound for the company and fans alike. Not super flat analytical but rather a more a neutral to mid-centric signatu...

The LCM-BD4.2 CIEM By Lear

I must confess I am a bit of a latecomer to the Lear proposition having only met Tatco Ma and reviewed his gear starting the summer of 2015. However, I must say I have been impressed by their attempt to always do something a bit different. We reviewed their un...
Vision Ears VE5

The VE5 CIEM By Vision Ears

The last time I checked out Vision Ears product range I went right for the big kahuna, the VE6XC in late 2014. This was and still is their flagship with the x1 and X2 versions combined into a switch operated CIEM that I awarded the best score yet for a custom ...