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The SIMGOT EN700 PRO is a single dynamic driver universal IEM with a new detachable cable revision over the original. It is priced at $149.99.

Disclaimer: The SIMGOT EN700 PRO sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned. Thank you to SIMGOT for giving us this opportunity.

Note, this review follows our new scoring guidelines for 2021 which you can read up on here.

I much prefer the new EN700 PRO edition to the next down-the-line BASS edition. It is more open, dynamic, and cleaner sounding with fewer mids congestion and better separation.
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We reviewed SIMGOT’s second IEM in their range, the EN700 BASS, back in June of this year.

It was my first time reviewing SIMGOT gear and I found this particular IEM to be visually attractive with a fairly musical presentation and sporting a decent range of tips that tweaked the sound.

At around $100 it seemed to fit right into a very competitive budget range audio market and looks unique enough to avoid the “me too” brigade.

The one area that SIMGOT did get feedback on was the non-detachable cable. I did not think it was a bad cable but with FiiO showing the way with detachable balanced on their sub-$100 F5 series it was no surprise that SIMGOT has come back with their 3rd IEM, called the EN700 PRO. This time, at $149.99, we do get a detachable cable system.

What Is The Pitch?


I think it is important to note that the EN700 PRO will not replace the EN700 BASS or even the EN700 original IEM. Each will be available to purchase in their own right with distinctive price points. As such the PRO can be considered the TOTL in this specific range.

A Better Cable

There are a few cosmetic differences with the distinctive red and blue driver combo being one of them but ultimately the ability to cable swap on the PRO is the major pitch.

And it is not just a detachable termination of the original EN700 BASS OFC braided wire. SIMGOT have actually upgraded the cable to something a little tastier with a Hybrid 8-core SPC cable which should do wonders for the sound signature without having to automatically go to the upgrade option.

Outside of the major cable swap and minor cosmetic change-ups, the EN700 PRO is pretty much the same driver tech, accessories and packaging as the EN700 BASS so there will be small amounts of overlap in this review with the older one.


Form Factor

The EN700 PRO, much like the BASS, is a single dynamic driver IEM built from a fairly lightweight aluminum alloy in a two-piece design though the top plate is comprised of 4 layers packed tightly together to be able to produce that distinctive design.


There are however a couple of differences in the design between the BASS and PRO. What is in common is the main body ergonomics. It still sports that fantastic hybrid Fidue A91/Hifiman HE1000 grill front and smooth back that will have everyone’s heads turning. It also still sports a fairly short straight nozzle with its bass vent just at the base of the stem.


The first visual difference is the new color scheme in effect at the check out where you now get 6 options as opposed to four. The INK version is out for the PRO line to be replaced by Red & Blue, Red & Black, red, blue, gray, and black. The double color scheme denotes a different color for each driver’s body.

All the colors though have the same rose gold accent on the outer rim of the top plate as the BASS variant. SIMGOT has retained the little matching rose gold ring finish on the connectors of the new cable so when attached they look more or less the same as the non-detachable finish.


The second difference is, of course, the cable connector design. I am quite pleased that SIMGOT managed to convert the fixed cable of the BASS to a detachable port without disrupting the flow of the design or the cable stems which look pretty much the same diametrically. The termination point is right on the cusp of the front plate and is a standard 0.78mm 2-pin connection.




The original non-detachable cable of the EN700 BASS was a more basic OFC braided wire with a 400D DuPont KEVLAR fiber jacket. Now the jacket of the new 2-pin detachable cable remains the same, i.e. the DuPont KEVLAR, however, this time the wire has been upgraded to a superior 8-core SPC or more precisely a single-crystal copper and silver-plated wire.


Gone are the darker colors of the older cable and in comes a slightly thicker braided but much cleaner white and gold braided finish. I much prefer this cable, not just on a performance basis but also the geometry is much better. Compared to the older cable this new version is more pliant, less memory retentive, and lower for microphonics.


The cable is finished with 0.78mm 2-pin accented gold ring terminals at the top end and a much bulkier but shorter and more durable looking straight stereo gold-plated 3.5mm jack on the other end. Strain relief and memory wire finishing are a little thicker due to the slightly bulkier nature of the 8-core interweave.

Splitter and Chin Strap

The cable y-strap binder is a stiffened translucent plastic splitter with a rose gold-finished metal adjustable chin strap. I personally preferred the smaller metal tube of the original BASS cable.

I felt it was more discreet and professional-looking than the plastics of the new cable but given the wider girth of the new cable, it’s understandable why the small tube could not be retained. Bear in mind also the old cable had no chin strap.

Tip Selection

Much like the BASS package, SIMGOT has supplied two different types of tip packages with the EN700 PRO called Eartips I and Eartips 2. Both 1 and 2 comprise of 3 sets of small, medium, and large single bore silicone tips attractively arranged in a cardboard tip tray.

The key visual difference between the PRO and BASS tips is in the coloration. Both I and II have not got a unique red and blue hue to the stems for left and right. Not that it makes a difference performance-wise but it’s aesthetically pleasing as well as a good match for those who bought the red and blue EN700 PRO edition.

Tip differences

Where I and II differ is in the diameter of the opening with Eartip 1 having the larger opening of the two.

The larger the opening the more porous the design is for bass so Eartip II, with its thinner, bore opening, is designed specifically to enhance the bass signature of the EN700 PRO. Eartip 1 with that wider bore will reduce the bass output in favor of the higher frequencies (mids and treble).

Comfort & Seal

As with the EN700 BASS, I have no fit or seal issues with the EN700 PRO. The nozzle is reasonable in length so tips will play a role and normally silicone tips provide an average seal for me but on this occasion, the supplied tips did much better locking them in fairly tight with an above-average seal.

There is a small amount of in-ward background noise leakage due to the bass vent and silicone tip as opposed to foams but it is otherwise not too bad.

The stock cable does not point as inwards as the older cable. Perhaps due to its thickness and the memory coating on top of more due to the pliancy but I found the cable coming across my ear this time to be a bit more comfortable.

Accessories & Packaging

The rest of the package is similar to the EN700 BASS in styling and content though with detachable drivers there is a bit more flexibility in the presentation. SIMGOT has also retained the snazzy little leather case that I quite liked from the BASS package.

You can fit the drivers, cable, and a bag of tips in it though I would dump the cardboard presentation displays for the tips as they take up too much space.

The front contains the SIMGOT branding and the flap is magnetically sealed to keep it all fairly low profile. Aside from the leather case and the two sets of tips you also get the following:

  • Velcro binder with logo
  • Manual
  • Global Warranty & VIP card
  • Small cleaning Brush

All of these comes in a rather attractive and professionally manufactured retail box but instead of white of the BASS packaging, it has a black printed sleeve over that understated black box that contains the IEM and accessories. I presume black means PRO in SIMGOT’s world.

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